76 Mark

Khan didn't hold anything back, but he made sure to tell his version of the story in a calm and precise way to show his ability to maintain a collected mind even after the mission ended.

Captain Godman had a few wrinkles on his face, but his eyes were lively, and his body radiated a steady vibe. His uniform couldn't hide his bulging muscles, and his short grey hair didn't manage to give him an old appearance.

The soldier appeared in his prime, but the stars on his shoulders clearly stated his inferiority to Captain Foxnor even if they shared the same rank. He seemed slightly weaker than Lieutenant Dyester, but Khan couldn't feel sure about that from a simple inspection.

Khan told everything to the Captain. He even managed to play it humble without forgetting to mention his many feats. He relied on his entire knowledge about human interactions to create a perfect image of himself without bragging.


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