93 Honesty

The briefing ended on that strange note. Lieutenant Kintea couldn't order Khan to get close to Liiza on purpose, but he didn't hide his desires when the two were alone.

Khan had to admit that he understood the Lieutenant's intentions. Liiza seemed to have a rebellious character. She could be the perfect lever in the relationships between the two species. Also, even if Khan were to fail to seize immediate benefits, he could always come back once Liiza was among the elders and make sure that humankind got its share.

It was an almost failproof plan since the Global Army could use Khan as a scapegoat if something went wrong. Still, he didn't feel good when he thought about exploiting the Niqols' character for his personal benefit. He wasn't a stranger to lies and pretenses, but he didn't want to do that to Liiza, especially since she seemed to loathe the tactics connected to the politics.


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