1 Chapter-1 Is she a cute sister?

"Kasia" her mom called her as she tucked her hair which was coming in her eyes behind her ear as she was eating her breakfast.

"Yes!Mommy." Kasia said and looked at her with her big eyes. She was 13 this year, a teenager already. But her voice still contained childness as did her actions.

Today was her first day at school. She is in last year of middle school now. After this year, she will officially be in high school. Even imagining that she was going to be a big girl soon was a great excitement for her.

The smile and giggles that she was just having disappeared as she remembered that there was still a year to go for that.

So, yes today was her first day of the last third year of middle school, meaning a year to go.

She was now having breakfast as she got ready for school after wearing her school uniform.

"Today your driver would drop you off at school." Her mom said.

Listening to her mother's words, Kasia put her spoon back as she said with a pout "But why mom? Why aren't you and dad dropping me off. You both had promised that you would be the one to take me to school on the first day." Karis said, her eyes threatening to drop the tears off.

Amelia's heart melted seeing her daughter like this, but today she wasn't able to do anything. "Kasia, today a childhood friend of your father is coming from overseas. He would also be shifting to the house next door. Mommy and Daddy have to do preparations." She said, trying to pursue little Kasia.

"No, Mommy. I don't know what you have to do. All children's parents would be there to drop them off." Kasia said, shaking her head with words of refusal.

Amelia said knowing wholly how to persuade this little kid "You know what Kasia, there would also be a little kid with them. You would be getting a playmate."

Kasia's teary eyes lit up suddenly, listening that there would be a kid too. In the colony where they live, there were very few children of her age and because of this reason Kasia didn't have many friends here to play with. Listening that there would be someone to play with, it was common for Kasia to be delighted.

But still Kasia was a little reluctant. But she still asked "Is she a cute girl?"

"Yups, she is a cute girl." Her mom said, smiling knowingly, that her little daughter had entered her trap. There was a hint of hesitation but because she didn't know if they had a boy or girl. But maybe it is a girl.

Kasia beamed at her mother as she reluctantly but quickly agreed.

Her mom felt an ache in her heart knowing that her little girl abandoned her so fast just to get a little sister to play with.


Kasia entered her new classroom according to the room number she was given. She peeked through the door and seeing the familiar classmates, she entered, confirming that it was her new classroom.

She searched through all the people and saw her group lying lazily in the corner of the classroom as if they lost their favorite ice cream. She shook her head a little and moved toward them with her backpack hanging behind her.

She slapped the table hard creating a noise and waking up the boy that was sleeping on it.

"Who is the one who dares…" the boy was just ready for a fight but flustered midway seeing the face of the person.

"Continue," Kasia said.

"Uh.. uh…boss what are you doing here?" Ace said, frightened.

Kasia looked at him as if she was looking at a fool "If I am not here then where would I be?"

"No..no..I don't mean that." He said gesturing no with his hands.

"And how many times, I told you not to call me boss." Kasia said.

"Yes! Yes! Boss…no..no sister." Ace said, nodding his head frequently showing that he understood.

"Hmm." Kasia said as she placed her bag on the table and sat on the chair.

Just as she had sat, a girl sat beside her with brown hair and two light brown eyes which were sparkling. "Kasia!" The girl shouted her name.

Kasia turned to her side and looked towards her as she smiled and pinched her cheeks "Hi! Alivia." She said sweetly.

Alivia smiled shyly as she lowered her head. "Hello sister Kasia. How have you been? I missed you." She said her last words with a stutter and very slow but just loud enough to be heard by her.

Kasia smiled at her cuteness and replied "I missed you too."

She then looked around and said again "Where is our rebellious princess?"

Listening to the nickname, everybody understood who she was talking about. Then from behind her came the voice "Maybe she is again planning to do something rebellious, just as she got 13, it's her daily routine."

Kasia looked back to see the boy who just a minute ago had his head in books was talking to her.

"Hey Finnick. Long time no see." Kasia said, smiling knowingly. Finnick was also one of their group members who was in love with studies and you can guess that just by seeing the pile of books near him on the very first day of school.

"That girl!" Kasia shakes her head.

Just then the teacher appeared at the door with a girl tailing behind her with her hands folded. There were leaves on her head displaying that she had done something very "good."

The teacher then came to her table placing the files that she was holding on it and said to the girl "What were you just trying to do Leia?"

"What Ma'am?" Leia asked.

The teacher frustratingly said "Why were you coming in by jumping up the wall?"

Leia said as she was telling a matter of fact "Of Course, coming to school."

"By a wall?" The teacher said amusingly in a loud voice. "You were entering school from the wall when you had the front door open all along?."

"Yups." Leia said, looking not guilty at all.

The teacher said "Go and sit on your seat, it looks like I have to talk to your parents." From her voice it can be felt that she was trying her hardest to control her anger.

Leia shrugged and came towards their bench taking a place behind her bench and seat next to Finnick. She was just going to put her legs on the bench and sit like a king that she met with a pair of big and cute eyes, which were not like they seemed, because at this time they were smiling dangerously at her.

"Hey Leia!" Kasia said with her still sweet smile which was not a smile after all.

"Ah..Hi Kas." Leia said meekingly making a cute and scared face just opposite of what she was before. And she got it right there. Kasia's angry words that were stored to scold her all disappeared in a second as she smiled, this time a real one and looked back in front again forgetting her plan to teach this brat a lesson.

"Phew…" Leia took a breath full of relief. "That was close."

"Indeed." A voice of agreement came beside her as she looked to see Finnick lost in his books muttering this word.

"Yo! studyhead." Leia said as she took his glasses in her hands and started fiddling with them.

Finnick turned towards her and said "Give me my glasses back, you wild girl." as he tried to snatch them back.

"Give me or I will complain to the teacher."

"Do it." Leia said indifferently.

"Okay! Kas.." Just as he was going to call Kasia, Leia put her hand on his mouth, stopping his words in the middle.

"What are you doing fool? Why are you complaining to Kasia?" She said as he gave him his glasses back, as she saw him smiling with delight and started studying again.

"Hey God, why me, only have to sit beside such a boring person? He is no fun at all." Her voice was loud enough to be heard by Finnick.

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