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Chapter 7: Attending Mid-Town High.

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(Billy's P.O.V)

The envelope in my inventory happened to contain copies of my enrollment documents. The originals were already with the school, or so the letter said.

The biggest win however was that I had a driver's license. Not a learner's permit. A full license registered to one Billy Batson. With that, getting full identification would be easier because it meant I was already in the system.

I prepared myself and left my apartment early. There was a delay at the subway. Apparently Spiderman and The Lizard had fought and wrecked wall columns and a few support pillars inside.

This kind of thing was almost a daily occurrence. The city was already adapted to the point there were different protocols in place. For instance if the threat was especially dangerous, the city would be evacuated to let the heroes fight.

That was mostly the case during an Avenger's level threat .

The tunnel was already going through repairs. They finished fast and a half hour later, I was walking through the entrance to Midtown High.

My first impression was that the outside was clean and welcoming.

Navigating through the noise and chaos along the hallways reminded me of why I hated highschool. Teenagers. Yes, ironic considering I was now one myself. However, I like to think I was generally quieter back in my younger days.

Back then I did what any geek with aspirations to dominate another facet of life in the future, would do.

Huddle down, mind my business and wait for college. And although I had had to drop out due to some matters, I still enjoyed my time there in comparison to high school, that's for sure.

You see in College, people were mostly into two things, partying hard or actually studying seriously. They lacked bullies in the way of the Quarterback harassing someone next to my locker.

Yes. You heard that right. Not even 2 minutes in and a cliche' scene was happening infront of me.

Broad-shouldered and tall, blonde hair cut short, the bully wore a letterman jacket and had his forearm under the chin of a smaller dark haired boy. I had to push through the crowd to try and get access to my locker.

Nobody was doing anything. Most had their phones out, filming.

"You lied to me Puny Parker, you said I would get an A. I. Got. A. B+! Which is not good enough when the rest of my grades are not up to par."

"Up to par? Wow. Where'd you learn that? Dumb Jock's study group?"

The dark haired boy choked out.

I winced at the quip. Talk about something not up to par. There was a collective groan from the spectators. Even Flash looked at him weirdly. Peter rolled his eyes.

"Cut me some slack. I've had a tiresome morning."

Flash leaned in dangerously, with a nasty smile.

"I am going to take my frustrations out on you, tiny Pete."

The murmurs from the crowd increased. I looked around. No one was really going to do anything? Even back in my old high school, blatant harassment like this would have somehow found it's way to the teachers.

This seemed negligent and worrisome. Worrisome because it meant I would have to do something. I had wanted to slip under the radar but I guess we can't always have want we want.

"Let him go."

Surprisingly someone beat me to the punch.

The statement came from a very familiar redhead, flanked on two sides by a brunette and a tall boy dressed in some expensive clothes.

"Stay out of this MJ."

Flash threw over his shoulder in casual dismissal.

Okay. I still needed to find my guide and this guy was wasting my time.

"Excuse me. That's my locker you're using to bully someone. Not to mention, you're doing it infront of over a dozen people recording the incident on their smartphones."

I spoke up, impatiently while looking into his mind.

Oh? So this was Flash? Real name Eugene, bully extraordinaire. He was currently worried about the coach benching him from the upcoming game for his low grades. Fun fact, he heard 'Up to par' from the coach.

He turned his gaze towards me.

"What? Who the fuck are..."

He begun to speak but I cut him off.

"You don't seem like the friendly type so it wouldn't take much to get the footage of you harassing someone out. And then, benching you would be the least of your worries."

Silence dominated the hall.

Flash stiffened, blinking in confusion, worry and anger. A lot of thoughts were going through his head.

He swept his blue eyes around the hall and saw how much attention he was garnering.

Meanwhile I was staring at his victim. I suspected I knew who this was. The dark hair, lithe frame and the lack of fear in his gaze as a Bully held him up against the locker was indication enough.

I struggled to keep my own face blank as I stumbled into some interesting facts by perusing his mind as well.

The boy was named Peter Parker, he had been waiting for me at my Locker so that he could show me around. It was a task given by the Faculty. Oh and he was also spiderman and knew who I was.

He couldn't believe that I was still alive when the last time he saw me I was covered in blood. And now I was here. Facing off against his bully. He was afraid that Flash would hurt me. How heroic.

"Hey I'm talking to you!"

A beefy hand landed on my shoulder. Oh he was?

"Sorry I zoned out." I sighed, then immediately shrugged.

"Actually, that was lie, I was just ignoring you."

There was a collective giggle from the crowd.

He released Peter and fully turned to face me.

"Why you little..."

I applied a little pressure to his skull. Not too much to cause harm, but enough that blood flow was slowed. He stumbled back a little, letting go of my shirt.

"Think about it you idiot. The school has rules. No matter how lax and uncaring the teachers might seem. All it would take is for one of your victims to get fed up and it's Juvie for you."

I gestured behind me.

"The only reason most of these cowards haven't done anything is because they are afraid of you."

I continued, stepping closer to him, the hall quieting down.

"I'm not."

I could see the instant he understood the threat. Was it weak? Yes. Was it effective? Absolutely. Now I just needed to be ready when he decided to solve this matter outside of the school.

"You're a dead man new kid. Better watch your back."

Flash warned before breaking through the crowd and walking away, his posse following behind him.

MJ and I shared a glance and she smiled, turning around and walking away after Flash with the other girl. So she's part of the popular crowd huh? I liked her better when she was just the pretty barista.


Peter said, grabbing his glasses from the ground. Before he could get to his feet, the other tall boy who had been standing next to MJ was there, helping him up.

"Lemme guess, the frames are broken. Again."

The boy sighed.

"Dammit Flash."

Peter cursed.

"This is the third time this year."


A new voice sounded out, the owner being a heavyset kid with rich brown skin.


There you are! Sorry I was in the bathroom when I heard that Flash was...oh Hi."

He stretched out a hand towards me, noticing my form standing awkwardly beside Peter and who I guessed was Harry Osborn.

The latter resembled Norman Osborn alot. I had seen his image online during my research into this world's setting.

"I'm Ned. Ned Leeds. You must be the new kid."

The heavyset boy introduced himself. I shook his hand.

"I'm Billy. I can already tell my time here is going to be fun."

I said sarcastically.

Peter chuckled.

"Sorry. Not a good first impression, I'm sure. I'm Peter. Peter Parker and this is Harry Osborn."

He introduced both of them.

"Nice to meet you. Now could I please get to my locker?"

Peter and Harry looked at each other before shuffling away sheepishly.

"Pete. I'll see you later. Don't forget our study session."

Harry told him, leaving with a small wave.

"Dude. Are you okay?"

Ned approached Peter just as I pressed in the combination to my locker. I didn't have much to actually carry. But I did come with the Sherlock Holmes book.

It had grabbed my attention. This being a parallel earth, the books were written with different plot lines. Even some of the Characters were different. Moriarty was a woman for instant.

Things had changed from me wanting to create a Mind Palace to me actually being invested in the storyline. I was also thinking of coming up with a skill that let me assume Astral Form. This would allow my body to rest while I practiced my powers or studied.

If Strange could do it within a few weeks of learning the Mystic arts then as someone with the legacy of Solomon, I was more than capable of the same.

Besides it was not like I could call on Solomon to help me out with this. I hadn't heard from him again since the dream. I had been trying to reach out but you can't exactly reach out when there's nothing on the other end.

In a way I was fine with it. Minimal supervision meant I could do this my way. The choices I would make and the consequences produced as a result would be mine.

"Seems like we share a few classes."

Peter commented after I had handed him my schedule.

We walked down the hall with many people staring and pointing at me as if I was some sort of celebrity or the second coming of Christ. It was annoying.

"Are they usually interested in a new comer like this?"

I asked, finally having had enough. Someone had tried to take a picture of me without my consent. I almost crushed their phone with TK but instead the glare was enough to have them running away.

Peter snorted.

"It's different when the new comer stands up to the biggest bully in school."

"Stories shall be told through these hallowed halls of your bravery. Of Billy the Bully breaker!"

Ned said theatrically.

"Bully Breaker? That somehow sounds worse than the Spot.

I said with a raised eyebrow.

Peter laughed his ass off.

"Name pending."

Ned added quickly.

"How about the Flashinator?!"

Peter asked and Ned and I looked at each other.

Despite knowing he wasn't being serious, I wanted to tease him a little.

"Yeah...maybe stick to something else Pete. Names aren't really your thing."