Chalice Of Blood Book

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Chalice Of Blood


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  • 91 Chs

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When two mysterious people unexpectedly took his parents' lives and disabled his existence after a horrifying car crash, Christoph Winslow's life was shattered. He managed to escape the clutches of death, but only to find himself thrust into darkness. A world where he meets the shadow offered him a second chance. Influenced by hatred and vengeance, Christoph surrendered his humanity, forever altering his destiny. In this twisted new reality, he must confront his demons while facing the constant trials posed by his newfound kin. As Christoph treads a treacherous path toward a truth veiled in darkness, he becomes entangled in a web of intriguing suspense, where allies and enemies blur together. He was forced into an embroiled quest for the coveted Chalice of Blood—a symbol of unfathomable power that looms as the ultimate prize. Will he achieve what he sought at the price of his humanity? Would he attain the power to control the new reality? Or will it consume him?