Chakra Progenitor

John Wodwick Alver died and then reincarnated in a magic world as the King of All Bijuu and King Of The Tree Of All. He is also the Progenitor Of All Chakra, and the only Being that can easily surpass The existence that Beyond All. Warning MC is ridiculously overpowered, has an abnormal mindset and logic, has a light view of life, death is a trivial matter to him, is kind but ruthless, hates planning much, and has a ridiculous harem. I am only a newbie writer and can't speak English very well and only rely on Grammarly for grammar and spelling corrections. This novel is only my hobby and my entertainment. by the way all the picture that I posted are not mine I all get them in Pinterest and google. Thank you for reading and good day.

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In True Void there was a huge figure the size of an unknown, this figure is a massive 12-tail fox with a body size of an unknown, this 12-tail fox has yellow-orange fur and white fur on each of her tails and ear.

(the size known as unknown was a size that can't be measured or described by any words and measure, even infinite, beyond infinite, and the concept and law of infinite can't measure or described this measurement known as Unknown).

The name of this massive 12-tail fox was, Miu The God Of All Who created reality called Miu and the creator of All the Bijuu who guards all creations, all existence, and all along with the race of Godzillas.

Each Bijuu that reaches the power of a True God has its realm that was created by them to live in. The same case for the Bijuu Proginetor who created True Void us their house, only True Void can contain their body size that reaches Unknown.

Also, there is at least one 9 Tail Bijuu on all the planets that exist in all existence to guard the planet alongside the Godzilla race.

Miu is looking at a floating soul who manages to enter her house, she waited for the soul to wake up. After a minute the soul started to change from the shape of a white flame right to its original form when the soul is still alive as a human.

The white flame known as the soul started to turn back to its original form, after a minute the transformation is completed, and the soul transform to its form when he was still alive, the soul has the form of a young man at the age of 16, the young man has a lean but thin figure and a handsome face with sharp facial features.

His skin is white with a hint of brown, his hair is black, and his eyes were golden. The soul is wearing a white undershirt and red cloak with a hood, black pants, and black knee boots.

The young man who was floating on the True Void slowly open his eyes.

I slowly open my eyes and the first thing that I saw was a 12-tail fox. I didn't panic or anything because I am used to this situation as a member of the Alver Clan situation like this is daily happening.

This 12-tail fox is a bit familiar I read her information somewhere in the library of the Alver clan, and I tried to ask her name so that some information will ring a bell in my mind.

"Nice to meet you, your excellency I am John Wodwick Alver from the Alver Clan".

"How polite I am Miu a God Of All the creator of this True Void and the creator of countless realities and existence". Miu said in a gentle voice.

My body was immediately covered in called sweat, I can still handle it if the other party was a True God because, in my past life, I have countless opportunities to meet a True God while meeting a God Of All is my first time.

That is not important right now, why I am still alright? Why I can withstand the pressure released from a God Of All presence? The answer dawned on me when I feel that her presence can't even feel like she doesn't exist at all.

Her Excellency Miu is compressing her presence and her divinity to protect me from harm. After the introduction silence where prevail in the True Void.

The silence was broken by Miu.

"I like you". Said, Miu.

Hearing this my head went blank and short-circuited, I didn't even know how to react, a God Of All confessing her feelings to me, that's impossible, she must mean that she like me as her subordinate or something or she was curious about me.

Like Miu read my mind she added to clarify what she meant.

"John, no husband I like you as a woman who falls in love with a man". Miu paused for a moment and continue. "I was watching you for a long time and waiting for you for a long time but finally the day arrived and I can tell you now what I felt, I Love You, John, I have fallen in love with you since the beginning of my existence".

At this point, my brain can't process the information. John didn't even notice that Miu is transforming herself into her human form. After a few minutes, Miu's transformation finished, and she teleported in front of dumbfounded John.

Miu's human form was a beautiful woman with yellow-orange hair that flow down the way to her waist, she has floppy and large 12 tails on her rear, golden eyes and thick yellow-orange eyelashes, and a perfect slim body that can make all beings have lusted over her. She is wearing a blood-red Kimono with a white line on the edges.

Miu hugs John's neck and bites his neck. John was awakened from his thoughts and immediately gritted his teeth because of the pain that he felt in his neck because of Miu's bite.

The pain didn't last long and her bite become warm and comfortable, a few minutes later John can felt a connection to Miu, this connection can tell about their emotions and their location. Isn't this the binding ritual of marriage for the dragon race?

This binding ritual will bind the couple's souls and they will be connected spiritually and physically. They can feel one another emotions and they can only have s*x with their partner, but the man can break this rule if his wife allowed it, this rule of binding ritual is for polygamy, all monsters and beasts such as Dragon and Bijuu is a polygamist being, but in a rare case, they were also monogamist.

After the biting ritual, John can feel Miu's overwhelming love for him, John can feel Miu's emotions that she loves him so much, Miu also can tell that John also likes her, she smiled brightly and whisper in his ear, "I will take your V card when you reach 18".

John didn't get embarrassed and also whispered to her, "I'll wait then". Miu and John have a passionate kiss.

Miu separated from John and said also "Promise me you will only marry 25 and that's the maximum number".


"Now I will reincarnate you now".

"You will reincarnate me"?

"Yes, but don't worry about it I'll come with you". Miu replied.

John nodded his head.

Miu opens his mouth, "I'll also make you The King Of All Bijuu".

Without hesitation John nodded his head, he already knows what the King Of All Bijuu is, and the information about this is already transferred by Miu directly to John's brain.

Miu made John race into True Bijuu Progenitor obtaining a Bijuu form of a black fox that has equal in body size to Miu.

John Bijuu's form has an unknown body size, and an unknown number of the tail, and the tails have a length unknown.

John transform back to his human form and teleported in front of Miu.

Miu opens her mouth, "I will reincarnate you now".

"Ok, see you soon, I love you".

My eyes became heavy before my eyes fully closed I saw the loving smile of Miu, and my eyes slowly close, and lost consciousness.

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