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BE WARNED...BE WARNED,,,,this asshole writer writes some amazing **** only to drop or just not continue. [everyone of his one piece FF's, his BNHA FF's Bandit king FF]....so yah, be warned] **: author, just saying, the FF's mentioned above make ur other **** look like ****, IDK, they were really cool, if possible update...also, try not to do what u did in ur FF's with major success [mangaka bk, DXD FF, ] and create a pokemon MC,,,,,take **** slow, if possible

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I only made it to chapter 4 before dropping so I gave world background, and story development 3 stars. I wanted to rate them lower but I can't justify it because I didn't read enough to form an opinion on these 2 criteria. I rated stability of updates as 3 because I can't be bothered checking the chapter list to see how regularly he updates. writing quality is 3 because again I only made it to chapter 4 but I saw fair few grammatical errors. character design is 2 because the mc is 4 yet the author described his penis it was very creepy, not only that but the characters aren't his apart from his mc so none of the design is actually his. Whilst the 1 character we do see is mostly in tune with the Ur we see in fairy tail there are instances where she's not. for example she agrees with the mc that he'd be too perfect if he learnt magic. this isn't something Ur would agree with. Now to the main reasons why I rated this so lowly -the author is creepy and describes 4 year old penises - the mc was a lawyer in his past life but doesn't act like he was one - the mc says cringy **** like how he'll make Ur happy and marry her in 15 years when at no point has Ur shown any interest in him but ofc it'll happen cos author wants it to. this is very creepy. - the mc says dumb**** like he doesn't need to learn magic because he'll be too perfect and how he can live a good life from just plagiaring novels and whatnot (yet it seems he can't even recognise he's in the fairy tail universe) -referring back to the mc being a lawyer in his past life. One would assume he's reasonably smart since he was a lawyer right? Wrong. He sees magic but is still shocked to find out he's not on earth after learning where he is and the year. TLDR: 4 chapters in and the author is being creepy. The mc is saying lame, dumb, and cringy ****. He's not acting his profession but is rather acting like a complete and utter child, rather fitting since he is one but isn't consistent with what the author tells us about the mc. Finally, he's only known Ur for a short amount of time and he's already trying to be a simp.


First of all the MC is a child a legit child but him and Ur have romantic feelings for eachother it is f*cking weird and lastly the most recent chapter I read just forced the plot even more than it already has been lol if the author fixes that forced nonsense then I’d change the review but until then nope


Okay, so there are a couple of things. First, the grammar is terrible, HOWEVER, you do see some improvement in it so hopefully, that continues. Second, for me, the mc is way too young from the title I assumed he would be older compared to the rest of the cast. This would then perfectly fit in with his romance with ur. I mean I kinda want to see the mc x ur as the only pairing. Then he could have ultear as his daughter etc. Only my preference but think it would have fit with the story much more. I mean the only way they can be together is if ur is stuck in the ice shell and doesn't age. However, even with this I still feel the mc is too young for the story idea. If this does turn into a harem, then I will prob drop. For me, there are just way too many harem stories on this site already. Personally, any story that has a harem tag I don't even consider reading it... What I do love about this story is how unique the idea is. I haven't ever read something like this so am looking forward to it. As I said before the only problem (for me) is I feel the mc is way too young. Other than this the story has tons of potential.


Its much more like a copy of fairy tail canon. I thought that this fanfic will explore the depth of fairy tail but in the end, the author force the plot to follow canon to a t. Also the plot where ultear saw gray and lyon practicing are the same as in canon. And she also goes run away again furious for her mother happiness.


"Wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle" The story suffers the same problems from his other works. Repetitive writing. The uses of the same pronouns get tiring to read. Using the same conjunction to convey character feelings over and over again. Stretched out the story with barely any impact on the story. Imagining the time skip will be painful from his track records. Details that don't have any relevance to the story. Seriously none wanted to know the size of a kid's penis. The story most likely will follow canon, just like his other works. It's disappointing to read a story from someone who made money from. You could copy paste a review from his other works and most of them would apply to this story. This is just sad, barely any improvement after writing for a year.


As of Chapter 55 The most disappointing Akikan fiction yet. It's disturbing how he talks about the mc as a kid. Downright creepy. Talking about a 4-5 year olds **** for multiple paragraphs is just too much. Even if you look past that, this story is a bore. Akikan has this story by a leash, and is dragging the poor thing against it's will. The story doesn't flow and it feels forced. At no point have I felt any excitement while reading, it just drones on. I'm just waiting for him to inevitably drop it and move on to a new idea.


author is so disappointing, this fanfic had the potential and was planning to stick till the next 2 chapters,but you just killed it dude. the story development is already so slow and I think the author is already losing inspirations to continue this fanfic, you should have just dropped it instead of ruining your work


so the synopses and the name of the fanfic gave me the thought that this history will be about the mc being the leader of the magic council and change many things in ishgar but all I see is a annoying mc that only want to create a business kingdom,i don mind if the name and the synopses of the fic is different but these two give me different expectations and when something completely different is show it only make me angry and disapoited to have wasted so many time and interest


I am the exp of my Holy Scripture Review. Webnovel is my body, exp is my blood. I have created over a thousand useless reviews. Unknown to sleep, nor known to reality. I have withstood Cliff-Kun to create many reviews. Yet these hands will never tap anything. So, as I pray ... Unlimited Exp Works!


Grammar and vocabulary are meh. 3 stars for update stability(probably gonna be dropped anyway). Some of the dialogues made me cringe. MC doesn't act like a lawyer at all. Some Out of Character moments here and there.


I just couldn't get passed the forced interactions between the mc and ur, you seriously trying to set up romance between mc who is a child by the way and ur who is a grown ass woman is a huge turn off, I just couldn't read past it and so I will just give this a 2 stars, and the grammar also needs to be worked upon.


New book 😀 I fully support this 😂................................................................................................. .


the novel ended when the mc decided to kill innocent people and thats chapter 86 some people might say hes always not good, yes i understand that and that he froze a country, however he only froze them without him knowing like an accident


This is my second review...His age is probably lowered to get younger girls...The girls and mc have near zero character development...English even though it’s not good but you can see improvement? Compared to previous fanfics.An literally his getting girls like pokemon but instead it just takes a longer period of time which is being wasted on the lifeless interactions 4example I like you but I’m too young.Oh yeah you’re too young .So and so blushed.But could be worst. Character development 1.5 Spelling 2.5 Story development or plot/creativity:1.5 Updating stability 4.5 World background 1


This is the embodiment of everything wrong with harem stories. Another terrible harem story that is praised for some reason. Ultear and Ur both become idiots obsessed with Bourne (the MC) for the sake of obvious romance plot. Except there's almost no plot. It's just boring, and not even something I could enjoy despite turning off my brain.


It is good for a beginner writer. The story don't really have any good development for the oc. It have a lot of forced plot Shiet in the important parts which makes it hard to read. Remind me of Chinese xinxia novels as well. Well you can give it a try after more than 60 chapters are there.


Hmmm he is training under Ur so probably he is gonna replace gray n leon?? Bonus Juvia since they both use water magic ? When they reach the start of the main series Ur = Best milf. There is the 7 year blank period for the main cast of fairy tail though, maybe Ur would grow younger because she seems like a pedophile and maybe Mavis would help her out?


Well it's bad, very bad, 1% plot and 99% filler full of silly and completely unrealistic interactions between Bourne (MC's shitty name) and his harem. Ur fell in love with him, thought how big his d*ck was and how handsome he was, he was 5 years old... The MC is an asshole whit a shitty personality, only thinks about money and apparently his goal is to utterly destroying Earthland beauty and make a replica of our world in result of earning money for whatever reasons... The author made Erza an exhibitionist slut since apparently everyone can enjoy her body when she swap her armours. The author thinks with his d*ck, the common sense is in jail for having killed the logic... Oh and the grammar and the writing quality are execrable, for a guy who had written around 2500 chapters it's kinda sad. By far the worst works of this author, not that it means anything at the sight of the quality of his other works...


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