1 Boy, Small Steam, and Waves

On the slope of a snowy mountain, there was a woman who was only wearing a bra and underwear. Her height was average with a slim, curvaceous figure. Her hair was normally quite unkempt, cascading down the sides of her face and covering her ears.

"Hmm... What a nice morning?"

The woman seemed frowned when the sky was quite cloudy and it seemed that the weather was quite bad. She felt a bit weird since it had also happened few days ago, but she didn't think too much. She wore her jacket and pants before going out to hunt a bear or beast on the mountain since it was her means of living.


It was the name of this beautiful woman. It might be quite weird for a single woman such as her to live in the middle of snowy mountain, but she felt very comfortable in this place.

*Rumble!* *Rumble!*

The clouds started to gather together before it turned into black clouds.

Looking at the sky, she could see that it would rain in a few hours and thought to go hunting for a beast as soon as possible before went back. Yawning, she felt a bit sleepy since the temperature was quite comfortable.

Now, there must be a lot of questions, why can a woman such as her calmly walk on the snowy mountain with quite skimpy clothes and even seem quite comfortable in this cold temperature which would make normal people die easily from hypothermia.

It is because she is a Mages.

Mages, also known as Wizards, are individuals who can wield magic of any kind. They are wielders of magic, using their magic power to cast spells and employ magical objects.

Ur could use magic and her speciality was ice magic. It might be part of her ritual or necessary act to walk in this snowy mountain with very skimpy clothes, but she didn't care too much since in this snowy mountain there weren't any people beside her. The only living things in this place might be an animal or a beast which often came roaming around this mountain. She was sure that those animals would only see an attraction to female animals rather than her glorious body.

"Where the heck is the beast?"

Ur wanted to go back quickly since she was a bit sleepy. Her day was quite slow and her life was quite sloppy, but she needed to eat after all. Walking around the mountain suddenly she saw a small water stream flowing from the high altitude.


Ur felt a bit weird. Even though there was a river on this mountain, she had never seen such a small stream before, especially when it happened on this snowy mountain since the chance it would go freeze was higher. She decided to check it and walked up toward the source of this small stream. During her walk, she heard the roar of a beast. She felt that her luck was quite good which made her smile.

"Hehehe, my luck is good!"

Ur quickly ran toward the source of the roar, but it might be a coincidence that the source of that voice was moving toward the same direction as the source of the stream. Though, she didn't really realize it since her head filled with the beast which would turn into money soon. She was wondering how big this beast was and wondering how much money she could get from it.

Running quickly, Ur saw the shape of the beast.


It was a large bear 5 meters tall. It had white fur and very large claws. From what she could tell it wasn't a normal beast, rather it was a magical creature.

Besides magic, there are various creatures which usually appear in legends or story books that really exist in this world such as spirits, dragons, goblins, and various magical creatures. Since magic exists then it is normal for other things to exist in this world.

Ur was excited and thought that this magical creature could be exchanged for a lot of money. She gathered her palms together and focussed her magical energy to perform magic.

"Ice Make...."

The ground started to tremble which made the magical beast notice the anomaly in the surrounding area.


The large bear noticed Ur and felt angry since it could see that Ur tried to challenge it. It changed its target and dashed toward Ur. Despite its huge body, its speed was very fast.

Ur smiled and said, "Bloom!" Moving her hand upwards, she created several flower-like spheres of ice with spikes on the outside that bloom to attack this magical beast.


The large bear was strong, but her magic was stronger. It was being wrapped in flower-like spheres of ice before it was being squeezed. It let out a painful roar before its voice couldn't be heard again.

"You're unlucky to meet me."

Ur looked at the large bear and yawned again since it was so easy that it made her bored. While walking, she noticed the source of the small stream was also quite nearby. It was right behind a small pile of snow. She was a bit curious and decided to check it, but suddenly she was startled when she saw the human head.


Ur almost fell on the ground, but she realized the gravity of this matter. She hurriedly helped the boy which was being buried by the snow. She checked him and felt relief when she could see him breathing.

"Is he sleeping?"

Ur raised her eyebrow and observed this boy. She could tell that this boy was around 4 years old and quite handsome at that. She also noticed that this boy was naked and couldn't help but feel surprised when his thing was quite well-done despite his young age. His black hair was quite wild and it seemed that it hadn't been cut for a while. But the most prominent part of this boy was the tattoo on his shoulders that almost reached his elbows. This tattoo had a design of waves on the ocean with blue color which someone would notice right away.

Ur didn't know what this boy was doing in this place, but she quickly carried him in her arm and ignored the magical beast which she had hunted before. She felt that this boy was more important than the beast since she could hunt beasts again later, but if something happened to this boy then she wasn't sure what to do, especially when it started to rain. She was afraid for this boy to die from hypothermia since the temperature also started to become colder.

Returning to her home, Ur put him in the hot bathtub before grabbing random clothes for the boy. She took the boy again and dried his body then put him on the bed. She sighed in relief and she had done her best to save this boy.

Soft breath could be heard from the boy's mouth, Ur smiled and ignored the rain which happened outside. She pinched the boy's nose which made him quite uncomfortable. She let go of her hands and sighed.

"I've left my prey outside. If it disappears then you're going to make up for it."

Ur knew that it might need time for the boy to wake up. She yawned and felt a bit sleepy. She decided to sleep on the side of the bed. Looking at the boy again, she hoped for him to wake up when she woke up later.


Ur closed her eyes before sleeping again.

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