11 Chapter 11

Sam went to the headquarters. Since he had money now, he took a taxi to get there. However, that wasn't the main point. He was quite concerned that Power was present. It meant one thing: the beginning of the main events.

There was nothing to be happy about, as this would likely bring significant troubles.

'Shit, everyone around Denji dies… I shouldn't attach myself to him. Also, why am I with Power? Don't tell me Makima considers me one of her freaks' division,' he thought as he was about to knock on the door. But before he could, Makima's voice echoed.

"It's open. Come in," she said.

Sam pushed the door and entered. Makima was seated in her office, and next to her was a woman with long dirty blond hair and an athletic build. The most striking features were the two red horns and yellow eyes with a plus mark.

This must be a demon, or a devil-man.

"Hey, boss, you called me for something?" Sam asked Makima.

"Yes. Power, this is Sam Lee. You'll be accompanying him. And Sam Lee, this is Power, the one I told you about on the phone."

"Oh, I see," Sam said. "Am I supposed to watch over this?"

"I'm not this. My name is Power. When I was a devil, I was feared by all."

"Oh, I'm shaking," Sam joked, shaking his hands, before he smiled at Power.

"If this is what you humans call a joke, it sucks," Power replied loudly.

"Do I have to handle her screaming?" Sam put a finger in his ear.

"I need you to watch over her for me. Stop other devil hunters from hunting her," Makima said. "If she gets too shady, do what's needed to be done."

By that, she meant killing her.

According to the original timeline, Power joined the devil hunters to save her cat. The bat devil had her cat as a hostage, and she needed to bring him a human. Since the bat devil was injured, he needed blood to heal. And Power was in this organization to trick a devil hunter to go to the bat devil . Denji, who loved boobs, would help her just to touch her boobs. That was plainly absurd.

It's not like Sam looked down on Denji, but Denji's dreams were ridiculous. Instead of boobs, he should have aimed higher, like having her involved in some sort of weekly entertainment. Why settle down for bit when you are in position to bargain for more? What? She was attractive and had an athletic shape.

'Don't get horny now. I know there is no quick internet porn, and magazines are not as appealing as having multiple tabs and spicy content. But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.'

"What are you thinking of?" Makima flicked her finger, snapping Sam, who was looking at Power, out of his thoughts.

"Do I get paid extra?" he asked.

"No. It's your job. You're a very effective hunter, and I have high expectations for you. That's why I'm assigning you to Power," Makima said.

"I appreciate your trust, boss. You can count on me," Sam said, giving her two thumbs up and turning to Power, winking at her.

"This man is your best devil hunter," Power pointed at Sam, seemingly questioning him. She grabbed his cheek and said, "He looks like the kind of guy who would freak out from looking at a devil. I know his type. They're too weak for me."

"I can be tough if you want," Sam replied. "And I can kick your ass if you push your limits."

Power was about to say something, but when she looked at Makima, she took a deep breath and said to Sam, "I'll tolerate you for now. Let's get to work." She then walked past him, bumping her shoulder against his, almost pushing him back.

'Why do I have to deal with these crazy women,' Sam shrugged his shoulders, and he looked at Makima. "Just so you know, don't set your expectations too high. I'm still young and inexperienced."

"But an interesting subject," Makima said. "You're dismissed."

Sam turned and left.


'What should I do with her?' Sam wondered as the beautiful blond demon walked beside him. People were giving them strange looks. Since he had been active in this area, nobody seemed to be freaked out when they saw Power with him.

Some policemen stopped them, and Sam showed them his identification and explained that Power was with him.

Walking was the best time to think. What should he do with her?

There were two approaches. He could be passive and let the universe take the lead. Maybe Denji would show up and he would stay in the background.

Or he could be proactive, take the lead himself, and try to resolve conflicts before they even start.

The first option was riskier. Sam firmly believed in the theory of the butterfly effect. He always thought that even the smallest actions, the smallest mistakes or good deeds, were critical building blocks for the present and future.

'So here's the plan. Make a deal with her to behave, save her cat, hunt the bat devil, and gain the experience I need. But how do I get close to a devil?

'Think of her like a wild animal. Feeding them is the best way to make them like you.'

"Are we going to hunt devils or what?" she asked.

"No, we're going to get to know each other," Sam replied.

"What's there to know? I'm Power. You are Sam, a Devil Hunter."

"Let me treat you to a meal first."

Sam stopped by a butcher's shop. He bought raw meat and asked for a bag of blood. The butcher didn't know how to respond but didn't mind as Sam paid. He then stopped by another store, purchasing a few energy drinks, medical pills, and straws.

"Why do you have blood?" Power asked.

"The best way to get to know someone is to share a meal," Sam explained, handing her the bag of blood and a straw. He led her to an isolated spot and sat down on the ground.

"Okay," Power said, sitting down next to him, inserting the straw into the bag, and sipping the blood. "Not bad."

"Tell me, Power, do you have any likes?"

"Why would I tell you?" She continued to drink the blood.

"Heh? Let me start with myself then. I like pets, especially cats," Sam said. "I think they're cute."

Power turned her eyes toward him, her pupils expanding. If that was a sign of anything, it would be interest.

"I also love cats. I had a cat once," Power replied.

"I had one too,". Sam said, lowering his head. "But it was eaten by a devil." He then pretended to be sad. "After that, I started training in secret, swearing to become strong and kill the devil who did it."

Power's eyes widened. "Really!"

A faint connection seemed to be forming between the two.

'Damn, those TikTok dark psychology videos are proving useful.'

Sam nodded and rubbed his eyes. "Yes, it was the bat devil. If I ever find him, I'll kill him." He looked around to ensure no one was nearby. "He's despicable. He kidnaps people's cats, forces them to do things to him, and then kills their pets."

"That bastard! He always attacks cats. I swear, if I ever get the chance, I'll smash his head in," Power stood up. The blood spilled from her hand, forming a large, heavy hammer that she used to strike the ground.

"Wait, you know that bat devil?" Sam asked.

"Yes. He kidnapped my cat too. I swear I would do anything to get her back," Power said angrily.

"Anything, huh?" Sam narrowed his eyes. 'This is a test. And I'm smelling a near checkmate.'

"Yes," she nodded firmly. "Even if it meant selling my soul."

"Let's make a deal then," Sam smiled. 'checkmate.'

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