47 Why she is rejecting?

Angel and Alice .

Alice again asked " Why so silent when I asked something why not answer me that way because I m answering something, I want to bite you so why there is any issue if I do it because you just smell so sweet but still you being yourself not answering when there was no need to speak of you that time you just start rattling like that, it's just something just something just something that she can't even tell the point."

Alice is just at the point where things are just to the quitely making him angry because he here want to have her and want to suck her off but still she just denying it that way not even answering that is making him angry at this point he can't even deny, he is angry because his mate is just going to the point where things are just insane like this many things are quite interesting at this time somehow it get too much for him to bear how mate is making him lose his mind in the way he want to get it back .


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