27 Pathetically beautiful


Alice heard the bartender and asked, " Are you sure? You want to go against my words. When I said leave me, so it would be better you just take your leave from here".

I have no interest in you being here. I want some time alone and about getting first aid. I am in no mood to have any first aid. It would be fine on its own if you will not disturb me.

I have no mood to be in the same room with you, so much better don't make me do something that is going to make you regret your existence, so better leave from here.

Bartender replied with a respectful tone, " Sir, you are bleeding so much. Please try to understand ".

  Alice shouted in anger, " What I have to understand? What do you want me to understand? I don't fucking want anything which I have to understand "

Just take yourself out, just take your leave from here before I lose my mind. I don't want to do anything with you, so much better leave before I lose control.


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