29 Mouth- Watering

In a Dark Place.

Angel is lying on the bed with her curled body and sleeping calmly in pain she ever got from the cut she had.

While sleeping her sleep gets disturbed when she tries to flip in another direction to get excess comfortably to sleep as in peace she can, but due to that pain she gets by moving her body she immediately opens her eyes and hissed in pain she feels due to trying to move her body. 

She cursed in a hoarse tone " Shit".

Now she is fully awake and saw the time in clock and said to herself " Really today I woke up so early, such a great thing I can do this usually. If this is going to be this early and I'm going to wake up this early that would be more than fine ".

But today mom didn't come or she didn't come due to being angry at me or it's just that I woke up so early that's why. 


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