31 Had that ?

With Angel.

Angel is feeling nostalgic for being here after yesterday's incident. She surely has no mood to be here but she doesn't want to make her parents suspicious about her.

She doesn't want them to dig out things about why she is not coming but surely after yesterday was her first class it's quite hard to feel safe here after what she went through and now she is feeling too hard to be here.

Not everyone day and she is here it's quite scary for her but still she walked as fast she can so she can get away from here and went to class to her seat on the safest place it probably ever going to be for her so surely without getting suffer she is happy at least today she came earlier than she ever came.

Angel reached in front of her class and entered inside it, then went on her seat and occupied it away from everyone so she could get a good breath. It's good that this last bench seat with the window,ย she always gets.


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