24 Gritting teeths

In the car.

Alice was driving the car when he heard his phone ringing. He immediately pulled off the car brake and attend it in his rough tone asked'', What? Tell me fast''.

Person on another side of the call replied, '' Young master, we didn't get any information about her,'' the tone of the person showing how much he is scared to pull these words like this.

Alice groaned in annoyance and said, '' Can't you even do anything right, huh? You can't get me information about a simple person, Alison, answer me dammit  ''.

Alison replied in a respectful tone, '' Young master, I tried hard, but you know we can't show our powers to make anyone suspect. That's why simply we cannot hack inside their system''.

Alice grit his teeth and asked while gritting his teeth'' So why you didn't tell me this before dammit''.


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