49 Cooing

Angel and Alice .

Angel is shocked and she is in so much pain her while body feeling like it's on fire the way it's just get the way she can't describe the way she is feeling herself in fire at this moment it just went too much painful than she want to imagine it get to the point her body is all burning .

She is feeling all burning at this moment, it just went too hard at this point, she is shout but he didn't even budge at this moment and stick to her neck like a blood sucker and she can feel him had one suck from her body she feel pain it just went too high at this point Nobody can imagine being like this she is all in vain when it comes to this point she can't imagine his he is sucking her blood like he is sucking water from some bottle it just went too high at this point pain is all unbearable and she didn't know but her whole body is feeling weakness but there is main thing how he just bitting her like this when she is in all hoddie .


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