33 Child ?

In the classroom.

Alice saw Angel is not replying and he can't see from her hoodie Where her concentration but surely he can see the main thing that is her focus is not him and that is surely making him angry and he is getting out of his mind by knowing how she is not giving a shit about him, what she think him as really she thinks she can zone out when he is here asking something to her she dares to mess out with this, how dare she don't even reply or try to reply him.

She is not a mute nor deaf who does not have an answer, she has ears and a mouth, still why is there ignorance she has for him, that is not making him happy at all.

She is fucking making him angry, from the time he knows her, she is doing one thing shedding tears or making him angry.

He tightly holds her cheek and asked: " Bunny, I m asking something to you, why the fuck you are silent here, when you are asked to answer the shit I masking".


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