37 Busted .

With Angel.

Angel is shocked to the point Where she doesn't know how to react when she hears someone's voice or should say someone here in the present when she needs peace she gets someone to call her. 

She replied firmly " Nothing" because she doesn't know what more she can say she is ed with the situation she is feeling now and she wants to get away from the situation so she better reply straightforward before getting into another mess of the Situation it's getting too high to be silent she wants alone time so better she takes her time more than needed, already so messed up then she wants it to get so done with the situation why it's all too much idiotic to learn.

Again Stranger asked, " What happened ?".

Angel gets too annoyed by being asked like this twice, she even sees who is asking she just answered she just wants to get away from this all situation. It sounds a bit more harmful than needed.


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