44 Brother Bond .

Author Pov 

James .

I really don't know what is happening but I really need to understand the brother, because he surely having some issue he is not telling at all that surely seems to look that way because it's typically to the situation where it just going to far then needed. 

He really not getting but surely he know his brother is going too far for his own sake it's not good at all his brother is never like this and surely it's going too hard to imagine with and more he think more he is feeling in the pain what she surely going to get through due to talking like this with his brother .

Alice is not someone who is going to give it shit if he want to hurt someone so surely he can do that in any case that just look pretty obvious, there will be more hurt in the situation when he know this is going to be worst then needed but he really can't do anything when it comes to his brother surely it's going too far .


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