306 306. Are they divorced or not?

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Qiao Xu sat down beside him, and Jiang Hao quickly closed the car door, fearing that the life-saving President's wife might change her mind and get out of the car at any time.

Qiao Xu: "..."

Was Jiang Hao afraid that she would escape?

When they returned to the company, Lu Muqing and Qiao Xu walked side by side into the company building.

The employees of the company first noticed the thick layer of gauze wrapped around Lu Muqing's forehead, with a shocked expression on their faces.

What happened to the President…?

At this time, someone at the front desk quickly recognized the tall and extraordinary woman walking beside Lu Muqing. Wasn't she the President's wife who came to the company four years ago, looking for the President, and then handed a divorce agreement to Assistant Jiang?

Why was she here now?

Looking at the president's smiling face, his mood seemed good, right?


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