304 304. Lu Ba's Warning

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Qiao Xu glanced at the wound on Lu Moqing's forehead and couldn't help but doubt whether his concussion was genuine or fake.

"Aren't you afraid that being all by yourself, people might take advantage of you?"

Lu Moqing grinned, a bared-tooth smile plastered across his face. Qiao Xu couldn't help but cringe at this ingratiating display.

Not wanting to exchange sweet nothings with him at the entrance, she continued to walk out. At that moment, Qiao Sheng emerged from inside, and they bumped into each other.

At this point, Qiao Sheng really wished he could tear Qiao Xu to shreds. In his eyes, Qiao Xu was nothing but a cheap woman, unworthy of being his daughter.

His gaze at Qiao Xu was as if it harbored countless knives, sharpening them to slaughter her.

Yet, by Qiao Xu's side stood the untouchable Lu Moqing. Even as an elder, Qiao Sheng didn't dare to lay a finger on her in front of him.

All he could do was glare at Qiao Xu resentfully, his eyes filled with a thick warning.


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