303 303. Afraid that you'll be bullied

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He really did listen to his wife and quietly played the role of a pretty boy.

Several gossiping shareholders laughed secretly in their hearts.

"Alright, if there's nothing else, let's adjourn."

From start to finish, the livid Qiao Sheng didn't say a word. As soon as Qiao Xu proposed to adjourn, he was the first to stand up from his seat and walk away.

When he reached the door, he couldn't help but look back fiercely at Qiao Xu, "You just wait."

"I won't."

Qiao Xu gave him a scornful gaze, once again infuriating Qiao Sheng to the point where he almost fainted from anger.

Lu Moqing stood next to Qiao Xu, watching his own wife looking cold but filled with mischief. The laughter in his eyes deepened.

"Do you really not want those 15% shares?"

Qiao Xu glanced at him, "Can't afford it."

"I'll give them to you."

"Can't accept it."

After saying that, she picked up her briefcase and walked out. Lu Moqing could only helplessly shake his head, chuckling at her arrogant figure.


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