257 Tell Me Again

- RORY -

Raya and I are barely in the cabina in a few minutes before Dex comes in to grab his things. I'm surprised when he only murmurs in her ear briefly and kisses her once before leaving. I'm also surprised Luciano didn't come with him considering how reluctant he was to let me go. 

I walk a glass of water over to my sister who is staring at the door where Dex left, hands pressed against her cheeks. 

"Are you okay?" I ask, touching her shoulder lightly. "Here, drink some water." 

"I'm getting married tomorrow," she whispers, taking the glass from me without question. "It's actually happening. And that beautiful man is going to be my husband." 

"You deserve it, sis. You're pretty beautiful yourself." 

While she's drinking the water, she grabs a section of her hair and looks at it. For some reason it doesn't impress her. 

"Your hair is beautiful, Raya. But I'm talking about your soul." 


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