258 Something Rare

- RORY -

My head feels light and airy, and now I understand the term 'walking on air.' Because I definitely don't feel my feet touching the ground as I pad back into the bedroom where Raya's sleeping. 

Luciano asked me to marry him. That really happened. And he was serious. 

The knocking on the door was just Dex, coming to allegedly kiss Raya goodnight. But then he also persuaded Luciano to come back to the cabina with him. I think the only reason Luci agreed is because it might just be the last night I'm away from him. For real. 

After changing into the luxury t-shirt Luci brought me and brushing my teeth, I slip into bed next to Raya and lay back, looking at the ceiling. Luciano's facial expressions, his voice, his words… they autoplay on a loop in my thoughts. From the moment I opened the glass door to the moment he told me that I will always be safe with him. What was it that made him decide to propose?

"I said I love you," I whisper aloud. 


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