222 New Claim


When I first saw her in Dex's driveway, I knew Rory was fierce. The disdain and annoyance and sarcasm were enough to know that raging, passionate emotions course through her veins. But I never would have guessed that night I met her would lead to this. 

Rory is no longer just that fierce, strong-willed woman I was attracted to. Getting to know her has changed the way I perceive her, and as much as it would have been good to kiss her at any point, there is no way it would have been as all-consuming as this. 

Kissing Rory is like touching the source of her strength and her vulnerability all at once. She offers me both, and it makes waves of wild need crash over me with every dip into her mouth, every roll of our tongues entangling. The soft and fierce crash over each other in a frenzy of heat that blazes through every inch of my body.


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