196 It's Boss Today


Rory looks more like herself. During breakfast, she purposely cuts me annoyed looks with those flinty eyes, but all I can really see is the soft curiosity from this morning when I woke up in her arms. I look forward to enduring the coals she is going to make me walk over in order to get back to that part of her again.

The two sisters are talking about the upcoming wedding—where it's taking place and who is coming—and it's interesting to watch their interaction. Rory softens to Raya. If I hadn't witnessed them together in the past, it might be surprising. I can imagine an annoyed version of Rory with little patience, because that's how she acts with me. But that's not how she is with her older sister.

"Will you come help me pick out a dress?" I hear Raya ask. "Dex says there's shops not far from here." 

"You know I will." Rory smiles. 


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