210 Checking In


I just finished helping Dom and Sonny check into their room, which unfortunately is in the main part of the resort—the part that has rooms more like what I imagined we would be staying in. It's enclosed within itself, not open to the outside, with hallways and stairwells and fire escapes and ice machines. A normal hotel with rooms that would be much easier to secure. Not cabins set out amongst the wilderness with glass walls. 

Even after speaking to the resort manager about Dom and Sonny's job as private security, the hotel room was still the best she could offer as far as proximity to Rory. Unless we move our rooms into the hotel or Dom and Sonny stay in her cabina, which sure as shit isn't happening, this is the only option. 

The guys will just have to spend most of their time hiding out in the dark jungle while Rory sleeps. They have certainly done much worse in our employ.


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