CEO of Seduction

Auraya is haunted by a mysterious visitor in her dreams every night. The only way to clear her head the next morning is to write down the details of their scandalous encounters. Yet, when this trick no longer works in her favor, Auraya feels that it could threaten to unravel her perfect life. She can't stop thinking of this mysterious, fictional man. And she has no time for fantasies. She has a job to focus on - a job she has worked very hard for. One day, the notorious son of the CEO, Dex Mobius, appears to help run the business. Auraya discovers that no longer is the man in her dreams a fictional character - he is real! And he seems to recognize her, too. What is real and what is fantasy? And is the fantasy world that is slowly taking over Auraya's every waking thought worth sacrificing all of her hard work?

emme_z · Urban
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267 Chs

Broad Daylight

- RAYA -

"Wow, Saul didn't seem quite like himself," I mutter to Dex and Rory as we walk back to our cabina. 

"No, he didn't," Dex says, weaving his fingers through mine as we approach the final suspension bridge and start walking over.

Luciano had to speak with his father, and Dex and I had enough of the pool, so the three of us decided to hang out away from the main building for awhile. 

"Did anyone know he was coming?" I ask, biting my lip when I think of the dark expression that Dex's uncle didn't even seem concerned with masking. 

This was a much different version of Saul than I remember when I met him at their house. I guess he's all about business right now, though. And their business is obviously dark. 

It shouldn't be that big of a surprise, I suppose. Still, I didn't expect to see him standing next to the pool, watching Dex and I like he just appeared out of thin air.