202 Being Childish and Being Good

- RORY -

After our long search at the first place failed to produce a dress, Raya insisted we take a break and look for hiking boots instead. Now I'm trying on shoes with this roiling unease inside that I can't seem to unload. 

The argument with Raya left me feeling wrong. I don't like arguing with her, and there was no real closure or culmination or understanding. Not that there needs to be, but it feels like there are still things to stay—still things I need to get out. But when she snapped and raised her voice, which was totally out of character for her, it effectively shut down any more conversation on that topic for now. 

I want to tell her that I do love myself. What's not to love? I mean, I'm a dark, twisted mess of emotions that's effectively jobless right now and surviving on my dwindling savings and Dex's goodwill. But, aside from that… I'm great.

I chuckle internally and shake my head, shoving a foot into the boot and tying it. 


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