197 Bad Influence


"You're not coming with us dress shopping." Raya is laughing sweetly, the sun dancing off of her hair, scattering light around her while she leans toward Dex and kisses him in that way lovers do. 

It's like there is a spotlight trained on them, like they're on stage. That's the gravity both of them have. Or maybe it's their love.

Rory watches them with a smile. She looks less troubled, less riddled with shadows, and I find that I can't look away from her. 

I stand near the doorway to the patio for a beat, thinking about what I just did while my eyes follow the light that reflects off of her dark hair. I threatened my father. I threatened the Boss. And I'm looking at the reason why. This woman really has made me stupid.

When Rory shifts her gaze, finding my eyes already on her, I swallow back the usual smirk and feel it descend all the way down into the core of whatever the hell it is that I'm made of. 


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