CEO He : Please Don't Love Me

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Contemporary Romance
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What is CEO He : Please Don't Love Me

Read ‘CEO He : Please Don't Love Me’ Online for Free, written by the author Ada_5253, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, WEAKTOSTRONG Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "Heart wants to love but fears the fate of being left alone."-------He Jian I loved you more than anything in my whole l...


"Heart wants to love but fears the fate of being left alone." ------- He Jian I loved you more than anything in my whole life. To the point that it became poison for me. Now in this life, I loved myself. I sealed my heart for you. Then why are you not leaving me alone? Why are you constantly pulling me into your life.? Why do your eyes have something else other than disgust for me? Did you not hate me? What has changed? You or Me? -------- Excerpt A gentle kiss fell on her lips and a shiver ran down her spine. “I love you.” Her heart pounded fiercely inside her chest. These words. Oh, how she wished to hear them in her last life. She might have fainted from happiness if she had heard them at that time. But now, they didn’t bring that happiness to her heart. They only brought fear, confusion and anger, and so many questions. “How can you…” She whispered more to herself. How can he love her? He heard her and stroked her cheek. The touch was so gentle that it made her feel as if she was a precious treasure. It made her feel loved. She raised her head to look at him. The usual ice-cold-blue eyes were filled with smiles as he asked her. “Why can’t I?” She swallowed realizing how those eyes still affected her, realizing how weak she was. Tears surfaced through her eyes and she saw him panicking. He tried to wipe them gently as she whispered. “You can’t……..you just can’t." ~*~*~**~*~*~ Mo Roulan spent her whole life chasing after the man she loved with her whole heart. At the time of her death, when she didn't see even an ounce of sorrow in his eyes, her heart was filled with sorrow. She was reborn. This time she vowed to make different choices and change her destiny. Hiding the past in her heart, this time she chose her family. But what will she do when the same past is back pounding on the doors of her heart, ready to break the walls she had surrounded her heart with. Will she give it a chance or will she continue to hide those feelings inside her heart? Read on to find out what wins. Her fear or His love? ------------------ Warning - The story has side couples who are homosexual and hence has the LGBT tag. The story will also concentrate on those couples as well as the main couple. If you don't like to read BL and GL then please leave it but don't leave disgusting comments about homosexuality. ------------ [This is an original story.] Cover Credit- Anoralily Updates- 1-2 chapters/ day Want to support me? Buy me a Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/ada_5253 My other book on Webnovel - His Rui(Ongoing)

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Great story so far, it really has grabbed my attention right away. Can’t wait to see what happens next. 😊 Female lead seems like a strong character so far let’s hope she stays that way.


Hello! Little Author Here. If you have come till here then I would like to give some intro about 'CEO He: Please Don't Love Me.' So the story is basically about Mo Roulan who struggles between love and her responsibilities. She had already lost herself in her last life because of love, so in her next life, she chose to accept her responsibilities. Struggling with those responsibilities, the same love is now again ready to break the walls she had surrounded her heart with. But she is afraid to give it a second chance. ------------------ So if you have decided to read the story a chance then I wanna give you a big thank you. I don't have any writing experience so please bear with me in case of any mistakes. An honest review will always be appreciated. Thanks Ada:)


I am very glas that I stumbled across this book. I like how the Female lead tries to change her destiny. I kinda feel bad for her as she experiences all the bad things in her past. And yeah I like how she became independent. Author please make male lead remember his past life so that he can regret it and make up for her. Or else the trauma she has been throughout he Mr past life will be worthless. And please make her strong and independent. Lots of love and support from us. Update more [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update].You are keeping us in suspense a lot. But yeah we love this a lot.


This story really had potential at the beginning. It’s a shame it turned out bad. There was no character development and at some point the story was just dragging. It was written poorly, kind of tasteless, couldn’t like any character. Fl turned to be spineless and I don’t even know how to describe Ml. There were a lot of characters that were presented to us yet the story would not have changed much had they not been mentioned. Don’t even remember what they were there for.


… an eighteen yr old attracted to a twelve year old? And Don’t say “she has an older mind set” that’s disgusting, yeah SHE might have experience as she’s reborn into life, but he just met her. Pedophilia shouldn’t be normalized….


Hey author, overall this is a really good book. But the storyline in general is really slow. I hope there will be more development (especially regarding the relationship between Mo Roulan He Jian) in the future chapters. And please let this Shen Yiling girl finally realise in someway that He Hian doesnt love her. Like it’s a bit annoying that after 400 chapters she is still scheming etc.


This book is one of the few books on webnovel that truly hold grammatic value. the descriptions, the flow of words, everything about the writing is superb and the storyline is amazing. it's one to keep you wanting more. [img=update]


story is awesome, just waiting for more update ,, his second story his rui is also awesome waiting for her to mass update ,so we can enjoy the story most


Reveal spoiler


good novel but slow updates[img=faceslap]


I love the storyline of the FL trying to forge a different path for herself. However, it is a little difficult to read when the gender pronouns change for he to she or her to him, etc. Without the right pronouns, it’s hard to follow what is really going on when the pronouns are not correct. I also love the side stories of the other characters, but it can be hard to follow with the storyline of the FL and ML because of how they are split from chapter to chapter or within a chapter. For example, there was one chapter that mainly focused on the FL’s mother, and the chapter sorta ended with a cliffhanger, but the continuation of this chapter was seen at least a couple of chapters later, where the main storyline sorta move on a lot, making the timing weirdly off.


Let me preface this by stating that I was initially obsessed with this novel. I paid for full privilege multiple times (which was 1,500 coins more or less). Unfortunately, the story just kind of fizzled towards the end. I’m a sucker for rebirth novels that center around not falling in love with the terrible male lead in their second life. It’s my kryptonite. I was invested in the plot from day one. As the novel progressed, I felt that the pacing was a bit slow. I didn’t comment on it or anything because I figured the author was in it for the long haul. I gave it a chance. I’ve read stories with a thousand plus chapters, so if the author planned to write for that long, then the pacing wasn’t an issue. As time went on however, the story just kept going in circles. It was always shrouded in mystery and it offered more mysteries than resolutions. It also introduced a lot of characters, yet only focused on some while ignoring others that seemed more important. An example of this is introducing all of He Jian’s friends but heavily focusing on only Liu Ji Fan (and his love interest Tian Yuan). Not only did I not enjoy spending a lot of time on his character, I also did not like him at all. He was an overbearing abusive CEO type of lover and I felt like Tian Yuan was just abused. It seemed that he was sexually forceful with him and basically had him caged. I did not care for him and his persona at all. It also didn’t benefit the plot at all. You could literally remove his character completely and the story would be better for it because it wouldn’t have any useless filler. Then I saw that the author created a new story. This was around the 500s in this novel. The lack of attention and dedication in this story was reflected in their slow updates. Especially since the other novel was more successful. The other novel ended and while the author was gracious enough to decide to finish this novel, they did not give it the proper send off that this novel deserved. In roughly 100 chapters, the author tried to wrap up all the story lines. That means all the mysteries were going to be unearthed and all the characters that were foreshadowed to be important would make their moves in just a few chapters. Personally, it feels like the ending focused too much on drama that separated the two lovers over and over again instead of just giving us closure and character growth. We’ve read hundreds of chapters of Mo Roulan suffering. Can she not catch a break? Can we not get some sweet moments? Literally the last chapter is them agreeing to giving it another shot. It has three side chapters. I was holding out hope that it could be redeemed, but two of them tell you all of the past while only the last gives you a glimpse into their happy future. If you want to read the entire novel in just three chapters, you can just read the side stories. It’s everything you need to know. I would have preferred it if He Jian recovered his first life’s memories earlier on, and they communicated with each other much earlier on. That way they could’ve both healed together and we could’ve gotten to see them mature as people and as a couple. It would’ve been nice to also see the mom’s family and to have seen her be happy. The mom had such a tragic life yet we didn’t get to see her live the happiness she deserved with Chi Rong. I also would’ve liked some kind of retribution towards He Jian’s friends for how they treated Mo Roulan during her first life. Now that I think about friends, it would’ve been great if Roulan had friends, but I digress. I hope if the author reads this they can handle my constructive criticism and focus on improving their future stories. It’s upsetting as a reader when you spend all of your time and money devoted to a story only to have such an unsatisfying ending. I have nothing against you as a writer. I hope you continue to create and improve, and wish you success!


You can't let it go until you go further to see what will happen. Nice[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Right off the bat, the plot seems interesting (despite being a CEO series) and the writing is great. This seems like a contender for the spirities!


Beautiful start, the synopsis is written well forcing you to just start reading! The FL has a strong personality as i saw and i think that's what got me hooked in. as it will only make it more fun to watch her fall for the ML xD. good job writer!


It's good novel but why there is so much misunderstanding between them i love both Jian and Lanlan together very fast😂😂 Like can't wait for some interesting development 😉😉 Overall love the novel😘😘


its very very draggy, its been like 450+ chapters but still no progress between the leads. Its like they will hold hands in 1000th chapter. Dont waste your time reading this


okay I wanna give this book afive star rating. And yeah I love the Female lead a lot. And I really want to smack some love knowledge into male lead. Author please do it as he is very cold 🥶🥶 like Antarctica. Make it warm for our baby Roulan. And yeah face slapping is what I like the most in this book. I suggest all to read this book you'll find it amazing. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Really nice read :)! The author has a writing style that allows for really smooth reading and grammar issues are few to none. The updates are quite stable. I think the story is fresh and second chance stories are definitely up my alley, and this one is a good one. The main characters seem very fleshed-out and interesting and the world also deserves 5 stars. Good work!


The synopsis tho😍😍...i can sense the tension and the upcoming drama...this is juts awesome 🤗🤗welp i highly recommend you to give it a try😉


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