CEO's Ex-Con Contract Lover Book

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CEO's Ex-Con Contract Lover


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[RE-EDITING IN PROGRESS] He was a helpless prisoner in the Millicent Prison, which held delinquents, with only thought for release. Betrayed by those who he called his friends, he was slapped with a fine which he could not pay and imprisonment... She was the only child and heiress to her parents’ business empire, but it all changed the night she met him. He decided to steal from her parents and was apprehended in the process... At one point, she thought she had it all when she lured him with a promise of giving him a new life. But she hadn’t said it would be to be her property, serving her and her only... When a young heiress develops an unhealthy obsession with the thief who stole her family heirloom, she will never expect him to play her game against her, when he returns three months later, seeking revenge from the woman who fooled him into signing a contract three months ago... A revelation by the ex-con contract lover that would blow her off surprisingly... She: "Who are you?" He: "Your ex-con contract lover, have you forgotten?" She: "...." Now, it is her turn to reap the consequences of her actions three months ago... --------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: The cover picture is not mine. Picture credited to original owners. The cover image is from Pinterest.


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