CEO's Beloved is Spoiled and Scary! Book

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CEO's Beloved is Spoiled and Scary!


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An accident made her forget who she was and from then she has been living with one of the richest families in the city - The Zhes. They claim that she is their daughter and takes good care of her. After three years, she's now a psychology major who has been recruited by the top hospital as a psychologist for her talent. But one day when a devilishly handsome man appears and tells her that he knows how to unlock her memories, her world turns upside down. The memory losing incident is a secret no one aside from her parents know! But when she unlocks her memories, is she really Xiao Wei? After waking up she always wondered why her name is so weird. It sounds like something someone would give to a child because they were too lazy. Wallace is the typical cold and domineering president of the number one company in the country. There's no one who dares to go against him. He's not only powerful, but also ruthless and merciless. And we all know what happens to people who cross a rich and merciless man's little wife. The moment he found out a certain little girl's location, he was hell bent on having her by his side. Again. A combination of a little fantasy and a mind-blowing romance that will make everyone want a significant other like these two. - - - THIS IS MY ORIGINAL WORK AND NOT A TRANSLATION. SUPPORT THE AUTHOR BY VOTING AND WRITING A REVIEW.


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