182 Squad of 6


  An apprentice magician with medium black hair and a unique metal magic book hanging from a brass chain around his waist, with a distinctly English look.

  After embracing a female teacher with long, sea-blue hair and saying goodbye, he boarded an exclusive black carriage and headed for the city gates.


  Inside the arena, a young man emerged who had just completed his training.

  He had a mohawk and many tattoos on his face.

  Two unique weapons were attached to his body, and he had abandoned his reliance on "shields" when he entered the school and focused all his thoughts on attacking.

  He took a bronze-colored horse from the stables and rode it alone to the city gate.


  Inside the metal furnace, female student with fiery red hair emerged from the interior.

  She was wearing a black vest, wide leather pants, and a pair of high-top leather shoes.

  The muscles on the female student's arms were clearly defined from her long hours of forging in the hot furnace room.

  Removing her gloves, she touched the sweat off her forehead.

  At that moment, an unusually strong, white-bearded boss came from the front and threw a giant backpack stuffed with various props and devices in front of her.

  Clunk! The heavy smashing sounds.

  This backpack should weigh dozens of pounds.

  "Remember to come back with "excellent" grades."

  "Okay Master!"

  The fiery red-haired girl easily carried the giant backpack filled with various metal devices and quickly left the artisan area with neither a carriage to transport her nor a horse to ride on.

  After looking at the winding device, there seemed to be enough time for her to warm up beforehand as she seemed to be ready to carry the giant backpack and jog to the gates.


  The Holy City of Nointegna

  The first level is divided into four commoner districts, and also corresponds to the four gates of the city, also known as the Titan's Gate.

  The destination of this knight training exercise, led by the Knights of Behemoth, was located in the western part of the Holy City.

  There were still forty minutes left before departure time.

  In front of the majestic and gigantic Western Gate, there were already a number of trainee knights who had passed the preliminaries yesterday.

  Han Dong had to rush to the city gate with Mia as he was once again intercepted halfway by Mia when he left early in the morning.

  This was considered Han Dong's first time actually standing in front of a hundred-meter-high city gate.

  The last time he had crossed the city gate, Han Dong was still a head, mainly thinking about how to escape from the carriage, and had no intention of taking a closer look at the gate.

  Mixed with 50% copper metal, fused with other metals and unique ore materials to create a super-giant city gate! There was a height of over a hundred meters.

  There was also a statue of a Titan carved on top of the gate, and when the carriage entered the gate area, it could feel the burst of pressure.

  The road directly opposite the city gate was also nearly a hundred meters spacious and was known as the Titan's Road.

  Whenever the Investigative Knights returned, the sides of the road would be crowded with civilians holding flowers, celebrating their 'triumphant' return.


  Just as the carriage that Han Dong and his two men were riding in was about to arrive at the city gates.

  The carriage came to a sudden stop due to an external force exerted.

  A vulture flew in and rested on the window of the carriage, signaling Han Dong to look towards the side of the road to the [Shattered Teeth Tavern].

  Not an ordinary vulture, Han Dong could sense a sense of danger from this vulture.

  Contacting the Behemoth Knights under Captain Kemun's command, it was assumed that the vulture's owner should be a certain knight.

  Under the vulture's guidance, he entered the tavern area.

  The waiter in the bar seemed to have received orders in advance, leading Han Dong directly to a private room in the deepest part of the tavern.

  "Department of Mysticism, Nicholas Valen, and Mia Seminovich, right?"

  The questioner is a middle-aged man with a Mediterranean haircut and two sets of curly figure-eight beards, with a slightly slimmer overall appearance.

  The surface of the bestial coat was inlaid with special armor of metal that was both comfortable and possessed defensive qualities equal to armor.

  "Knights of Kemun, Second Trooper, Vulture Kenny!" Mia immediately recognized the man's identity.

  Han Dong's guess was right, this was the 'deputy' that Head Kemun was talking about, responsible for secretly ensuring the safety of the six newcomers during this training event.

  After Kenny confirmed their identities, he didn't say anything more and just waited quietly for all six newcomers to arrive.

  Currently, apart from this Kenny in the tavern's private room, two new students had already arrived early.

  A white haired and beastly looking Abel, needless to say, he had already arrived at the city gate along with the Behemoth Knights, and when he saw Han Dong, he immediately greeted him with a smile.

  In addition to his spiky white hair, Abel also had this pair of cold-toned eyes.

  Looking at him for a long time would make one shudder.

  As for the other one, he was a handsome young man sitting in the corner who had just closed his book.

  An imposing youth with an English style outfit and copper colored eyes.

  "[Library], Martin Dempsey, Hello guys!"


  The first thing Han Dong noticed was the special magic book in Dempsey's hand.

  Moreover, there was a kind of colorless magic shield wrapped around his entire body at any given moment.

  Even compared to Sophia, who had once majored in divine magic, this new student wasn't inferior at all.

  Han Dong and Mia had just sat down.

  One more new student came in to the balcony.

  With a Mohawk on his head and various manic tattoos, the coarse lines of his image immediately contrasted with the polite and courteous English boy, Dempsey.

  At this person's waist is also equipped with a large machete with a winding fighting spirit, and a black iron cold axe inlaid with a skull stone.

  The head vulture. Kenny inquired, "Crusader, Daou Abdel Rahman?"

  The man nodded, not intending to introduce himself to Han Dong and the others, and took the initiative to sit next to Abel.

  "Brother Abel."

  "Daou, you are in good shape! Introduce yourself, we're all the best in our departments."


  This little Middle Eastern brother who looked like a 'troublemaker' actually listened to Abel.

  After some introductions, it was confirmed that this Daou little brother was different from the average crusader.

  More inclined to be a berserker, injuries were common for him.

  Moreover, there was also Berserker blood flowing in his body, which could greatly increase his resistance in case of injury and even protect him from contamination to some extent.

  The moment the time to arrive at the expected rendezvous point.

  The last member of the squad arrived.

  Hoo hoo hoo.

  The redheaded girl pushing open the door to the booth gasped for breath, carrying behind her a giant backpack three times the size of everyone else's, nearly next to the ceiling of the tavern.

  Wheat-colored skin was covered in sweat.

  If she hadn't been wearing a black tank top, she might have gotten her shirt soaked.

  One of the girl's hands scratched the back of her head, "No, sorry! I didn't count the time. I knew I'd come by carriage.

  My name is Wendy Austin, majoring in [Mechanics], specializing in Blacksmithing, just call me Winnie!"

  "This girl, was born with divine strength?"

  Han Dong's little magical eye secretly penetrated a field of power that spread out with Wendy at its center, I'm afraid that Daou, who majored in Crusade, couldn't even compare to this girl on the level of raw power.

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