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Naturally, it was the interface between the Middle Level and Old Derry Town.

The Joker, as well as the newly killed Dr. Freak, must have also entered the middle level from the [Exit] in the reverse direction.

In the end, only the Joker managed to escape the restrictions of Old Derry Town and escape to New Derry Town to start his new life.


Due to the continuous improvement of the Destiny World, the exit was reinforced and no reverse entry was allowed.

Because of this, the Joker was able to establish his 'Game Town' in New Derry Town without any worries.

When it was heard that the exit was to be 'repaired'.

For the first time, the Joker, who had been smiling and laughing even when he had met the 'Doctor Freak' along the way, showed a look of unease.

"The exit can never be destroyed, never! It's not even good enough to exit in the old Derry town. Unless,"

"Unless sabotaged from within the middle layer," Han Dong added.

This made the Joker's face become even more ugly, even with black dirt running out along the corners of his eyes, and his words never looked more serious.

"We need to depart now and immediately inspect and repair the exit, It's fine if it's a smaller degree of damage. Once the level of damage is greater, we will all die here."

At this point, the Joker suddenly turned his head, as if he had something important to announce.

"Nicholas Valen."

This was the first time that the Joker called Han Dong by his English name directly.

"If you can assist me to the best of your ability to stop this crisis.

I may consider helping your squad upon a subsequent return to Derry town, if you do it right! I'd even consider, faking my death and letting you clear out."


In response to Han Dong's response, Joker could tell at a glance if he was lying or not.

At that moment.

The long-lost intimacy prompt came in.

『Intimacy increased, your relationship with Event BOSS [Joker-Penny Weiss] has changed from 'hostile' to 'neutral' (Note: Intimacy can be further increased.) 』

Han Dong was shocked and thought to himself.

"Because of encountering a dangerous event that could threaten the Joker itself, coupled with the previous series of cooperation, it finally made the elimination of the hostile relationship, from now on, it can be considered a true cooperation.

If there is a bigger crisis to deal with in the subsequent [Exit] location, it might be able to further enhance my relationship with the Joker.

If possible, it would be best to reach the same 'best friend' intimacy as Chen Li!

My ultimate goal will be achieved in a much easier way."

The improved intimacy allowed Han Dong to slowly revise the plan in his head.

Meanwhile to the Joker.

"Give me five minutes, okay? Adding a teammate who is familiar with the sewer area, she might be able to help in case we run into any trouble."

The Joker pointed at the small balloon hanging from Han Dong's waist and said, "I'll go over first, you guys will follow me later. If the exit has been destroyed, there's no time to lose.

You must come, or else! Neither you nor your teammates will leave alive."



The Joker's waist once again grew four long hairy grasshopper legs.

Comparing it to the map that could change at any moment, he quickly made his way to the exit.

The reason why Han Dong chose to delay a bit to revive Bella's classmates was because, the map could only understand the route down here, not some of the specifics down here.

Bella might know some secrets and be able to give advance warning, At the same time, Bella and her parasitic army under her command could also provide Han Dong with combat assistance.

Han Dong found out the experimental data on 'Human Aberration' in Dr. Freak's lab and rebooted the device.

Placing the 'Perfect Parasite' into the glass container.

Boom boom boom!

The mechanism begins to work, energy is fed in and a special solvent is injected.

The parasite that was put into it began to react.

"I hope the system prompt didn't deceive me, Using the solvent that Dr. Freak used to create the water-based parasite should be able to restore Miss Bella's memory system back to normal."

Indeed, it only took five minutes.

The original parasite had divided through proliferation and formed a full human individual.

The fourteen-year-old Bella was curled up inside the glass container, slowly opening her eyes and looking at Han Dong outside the glass jar.

Shattered memories are slowly being pieced back together with the help of a solvent.

The parasitic subject that was nearly destroyed by the Joker was saved by Han Dong just like that.

Han Dong was also the first to find a lab coat from the lab for Bella to put on.

"You... why am I here?! This is Dr. Tom's research lab!"

Bella's memories were still stuck during dinner and she had no recollection whatsoever of drinking water and storming off.

Seeing herself back in the laboratory where she had been 'reborn', Bella shuddered and looked around.

As if she was afraid of Dr. Freak, she would never want to think back to her time as an 'experimental subject'.

"Listen to me about the situation, you calm down."

Han Dong immediately elaborated on the current situation and requested Bella's assistance.

As he elaborated, it was clear to Han Dong that Bella herself was resistant and fearful of the Joker.

Therefore, when talking about it.

Han Dong deliberately shifted the main body of the conflict to the 'damaged exit', talking about the possibility of something more dangerous entering the town of New Derry through the 'damaged exit'.

Thus, threatening the safety of Bella and her family.

Bella looked at the crumbling lab and the remains of the dead Dr. Freak.

"Okay, I'll trust you for once, I'll take you there. If what you say is true, I'm willing to help, be sure to keep the town safe.

As for the joker, we'll talk about it later."

After all, Han Dong was willing to come to this dangerous sewer area in order for her to recover.

Bella herself was very grateful, otherwise, she wouldn't have had the chance to say goodbye to her parents.

[Intimacy raised, you and the event character [Bella Garcia (Parasite)] has changed from 'neutral' to 'friendly' (Note: Intimacy can be further increased.)]

"Well, what a surprise."

"What did you say?"

"Nothing, Miss Bella, let's go."


In order to stabilize her center of gravity and move nimbly, Miss Bella, wearing a white lab coat, has a long, translucent tail that grows out from behind her, and leads the two Han Dong to the [Exit].

With that, the Weird Team added another "parasitic little sister".

"By the way, Miss Bella, what are these fire core dusts floating in the air?"

Bella, who was walking in the tunnel, was confused herself, "I don't know, I've never seen a floating object like this in the sewers before."

Han Dong immediately felt a sense of unease and followed up, "Before, when was the last time you were here."

"About three days ago."

"There wasn't three days ago, but there is now? Is it hard to believe that this fire core dust is coming from 'there'?"

Han Dong had a bad feeling about it.

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