181 Foreign Demons

The information shown on a blackboard was limited.

  But it had shocked Han Dong enough to become even more curious about the world outside the city.

  It was as if the entire world had undergone a drastic change after humans took control of the world, During the two hundred years that higher existences had occupied the world, a whole new civilization system, a whole new race, and a whole new colonization method lead the world into a new era.

  Existing historians have designated the day when the Holy City was built and the human race was able to survive in the small space as the "Dark Age".

  As darkness fell, only the fire of destiny could lead mankind to continue their journey in this endless darkness.


  Han Dong raised his hand, signaling that he wanted to ask a question.

  The witch looked impatient, "As I said, this class is only a brief introduction for you, and is enough to prepare you for the training about the assembly.

  If you want to know more about what's going on outside the city, go to the library yourself when you return alive. Or just ask your instructors.

  That concludes today's lecture, Mia, follow me.

  This is your first time out of the city, and it is necessary to make some sorcery preparations."

  "Okay, "

  Mia lovingly looked at Han Dong and followed the witch away.

  Han Dong instead looked happy, it was the best situation for Mia to be taken away like this, so as not to keep pestering him, Moreover, Han Dong could also ask Mr. Black and White directly if he had any questions.

  "Do you want to know this?"

  It was just a second after the witch left.

  Mr. Black and White gently squeezed the chalk with his white gloves and circled a word on the board.


  The term 'foreign demon' was used several times during the Witch's explanations of lower-order existences, and was mentioned in the 'Matrix' as well as in the deep derivation of the cultists.

  However, the witch seemed to deliberately avoid it and did not give any explanation of the so-called 'foreign demons'.

  It was as if Han Dong and the others would not encounter such existences during this out-of-town training.

  Han Dong nodded and replied, "Well, these low-level beings, wild monsters, and humans introduced on the blackboard when they are evil and filthy.

  In essence, they are all original world beings that were influenced by the 'Dark Age' and evolved by themselves, right? And what is true out-of-town life? Is it the [Foreign Demon] that was mentioned on the blackboard?

  What kind of existence is it?"

  Han Dong was quite curious about the real life outside of the city, what kind of group of higher life forms were awakening in the darkness and bringing near apocalyptic disasters to mankind.

  Mr. Black and White patiently explained, "The lower beings explained by the witch are academically classified as 'exo-life species'.

  Indeed, as you said, they are based on the original world life and are formed by the influence of an external species.

  The [Foreign Demon].

  They are the main culprits of the End of Days.

  There aren't many of them, and their reproduction is limited. In order to reproduce, the foreign demons must meet certain conditions.

  The term 'xenomorphs' refers to this large group of higher beings, and can be subdivided within them, with each type of xenomorph having a different history, formation method, ability, and threat value.

  The [Library] is located at the deepest level.

  There is a book called "The Book of Foreign Demons", which records the foreign demons that the Holy City has come into contact with so far, and each of them is quite dangerous.

  As you have left the Holy City more than fifty kilometers away, there is a very small chance that you may encounter such native species.

  As explained by the witch about these low-level beings, their origin is inextricably linked to the [Exotic Demon]."

  "Then, " said Han Dong, pointing to the back of his left hand, which was exactly where the "Yellow Seal" was located, "Then this yellow-robed mystic is also associated with a type of foreign devil?"

  Mr. Black and White shook his finger, "No, there are many types of foreign demons, but they're basically classified at the 'middle' level, and this [Yellow Coat] that we've secretly established a relationship with belongs to the 'high' level.

  As I said, aligning [Yellow Coat]'s position outside of the city is like the Great Plague Chief's position in our Holy City."

  "High position!?"

  "The simple use of low, medium, and high to classify them is just convenient for you youngsters to understand.

  Essentially has a more complex and detailed classification, wait until you leave the city with the Behemoth Knights this time, then come back and slowly understand.

  The outside world is far more dangerous than you can imagine.

  In two hundred years, the existence of higher beings has changed the outside world into a whole new world adapted to their habitation and life.

  The distance of this training camp from the city is indeed very far.

  Furthermore, the training camp was also chosen to be in an abandoned manor where a large number of [Humans] are living.

  In the event that you encounter an un-confrontable danger and don't have the timely support of the Order's personnel.

  Just call 'it' to help."



  Han Dong went straight back to his dormitory bedroom afterwards.

  The out-of-town knowledge he had learned today was organized in detail in his notebook.

  He was also increasingly eager to learn more about the outside of the city.

  "When the training is over, please be sure to make a trip to the librarian to get a basic understanding of the outside world system, it's kind of interesting."

  For the remainder of the day, Han Dong communicated with the two inmates of the prison, asking them to follow suit and get ready to head out of the city to fight against life outside the city.

  Han Dong, who intended to rest early, had just come out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

  Knock knock!

  There was a knock at the door.

  It wasn't Mia who was looking for the door, it was Cass.

  When he opened the door, he found Cass carrying a bag of fine animal skin backpacks in his hands, which seemed to contain quite a few things.

  Cass had a vivid memory of this whole 'rescue' of his father! Completely treating Han Dong as a brother.

  Considering Han Dong's first training trip out of the city, he specially prepared a series of necessary props for Han Dong to leave the city.

  They sat on the edge of the bed and Cass opened the bestiary backpack to give a general description of how these items could be used.

  "Brother Cass, these are worth a lot of money, aren't they?"

  "Minor, portable kerosene lamps like this one that can be used for a long time are made by Coslin and don't cost anything. All the other props were bought at market price, so they're nothing.

  Due to the different training methods of the different grades, we can't move together.

  But you belong to the new students, and the Behemoth Knights will secretly give you more care, However, with your strength, Brother Aaron, you won't have a problem passing the training."

  Due to Cass' previous enthusiasm, the door was still left open a crack when he forgot to close it when he squeezed into the dorm room.

  At that moment, another female guest approached the door, and it was Mia.

  In her hand was a document, the same document that Han Dong had entrusted her with compiling the details of the new team members.

  "Nicholas, I have brought you the information you asked for, "

  Halfway through the conversation, Mia's entire body froze.

  Han Dong, who was wrapped only in a towel, was sitting on the edge of the bed with a handsome and strong blond guy.

  And there were various metal and leather props scattered on the bed.

  The visual impact of this scene on Mia is grand!

  Blushing and appearing extremely excited, she even placed her papers by the door and said softly, "You guys go on, I won't interrupt."

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