170 Exposed

"So fast."

  Spider's original limbs were the equivalent of eight legs crawling on the ground.

  Moreover, the spider legs had great flexibility and stomping power.

  Carrying the light body of Mia, crawling speed exceeds the human limit.

  Moreover, Mia could also make some sharp turns with the help of the barbs that stuck into the ground at the joints, in short, the mobility was greatly increased.

  "Once I'm hit, I'm afraid the curse will act on me, suppress her as unharmed as possible."

  A distance of five meters was always maintained.

  Mia just circled around Han Dong, running in circles as fast as she could, trying to find dead ends and one-hit kills.

  "Mr. Han Dong, do you need me to make a move?"

  Seeming to smell a hint of danger, Chen Li, who was practicing evil magic in the prison, took the initiative to send a message.

  "No need, this girl is a bit problematic, I need to make sure of something personally."

  "Okay, sir be careful."

  The moment Han Dong connected with Chen Li's consciousness, slightly distracted.

  A killing intent swept over.

  Mia in her spider form caught the opportunity, found a dead spot behind him, and quickly attacked.

  The four sharp spider legs that were wrapped around by the curse attempted to run right through Han Dong's body as they reached the attack distance.

  Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

  The sharp spider legs were like spears, fiercely stabbing out.

  Each strike was aimed at a location that was not easy to dodge, and there would even be some advance pre-targeting moves that were extremely difficult to dodge.

  But the successive stabbing strikes just couldn't hit Han Dong.

  Han Dong's seemingly skinny body was dodged in time at the crucial moment each time, and vaguely, there seemed to be a sense of being able to travel.


  "What's that?"

  Located in the top bedroom, the Witch and the Great Plague Chief have temporarily suspended their activities between the two due to the intensity of the battle between the two juniors.

  The witch noticed an important detail.

  While Mia was 'spidering', Han Dong also underwent a small, minor change, an eye grew at the location of Han Dong's eyebrow.

  "Sensory stitching? Mr. Black and White's masterpiece? No, this was no ordinary eye, a fusion of the raven and the human eye? Neither was right.

  Because of this eye, this kid's perception ability gained a huge magnitude increase.

  So much so that he was able to see through the vehicle of the Black Sorcery, and the attacks of the spider spines.

  This eye, where did it come from?"

  As opposed to the witch's wonder.

  The Great Pestilence Chief, however, was silent, so he naturally knew where the eye came from.

  It was this eye that had helped the Plague Knights decipher the important treasure map.

  Staring at the picture, where Han Dong used the 'eye' skillfully in battle and without any contamination spilling out, the Great Plague Chief revealed a kind smile.

  In three months, can you already skillfully use this eye? Even Kellonia couldn't see a problem, worthy of a young man chosen by Black and White, it was good to be able to harness the pollution.

  After the Great Plague Chief's mental activity was over, the mouth said.

  "Perception is one aspect, and being able to nimbly dodge such a fierce attack shows that his own physical qualities are also good, especially his nerve reflexes.

  Three months ago, he was clearly a weak and severely physically lacking little fellow."


  That's right.

  The main reason why Han Dong was able to dodge every spider leg puncture was because of the little magic eye.

  While Mia used her curse power, Han Dong also turned his 'cheat' on.

  Facing one spider leg piercing after another.

  Han Dong only needed to see through without interruption.

  The trajectory of the spider leg was fed back to the brain in time.

  After the brain processed it comprehensively and gave the optimal dodge route, the body could then make the corresponding dodge action.

  Eyes → Brain → Body function.

  One without the other!


  Mia's movements suddenly quickened in an attempt to break this balance.

  At the same time, she also used her mouth to try to tear at one of the most dangerous parts of Han Dong's torso - the right arm.

  This sudden change disrupted Han Dong's dodging movements.

  "Hm? It's changing speed."

  The right arm hidden under the sleeve robe seemed to have some sort of flesh creeping around.

  Han Dong's brain was extremely fast, responding in 0.1s and turning from defensive to offensive.


  Facing Mia's biting mouth.

  Han Dong's right arm seemed to become a bit bigger than its regular state, his palm reaching the size of a professional basketball player.

  Just enough to clasp Mia's face with his five fingers.

  [Giant Force]

  The difference in strength was obvious.

  A handful of Han Dong cancelled out the speed of Mia, who was in her spider form, dashing forward horizontally.

  Snap! A heavy press on the ground.

  If the ground of the practice field wasn't the looser soil, but concrete, this knock would have to break the back of Mia's head.

  Even if the ground was soft, due to the distance hit to the back of her head, Mia fell into a confused state of consciousness for a while, temporarily losing her mobility.

  Of course, there was a price to pay for turning defensive.

  Two sharp spider legs grazed Han Dong's body.

  One spider leg cut the waist and abdomen, injuring the dermis.

  So much so that a kind of purple-black curse mark appeared in the wound, However, for some unknown reason, the curse was unable to spread within Han Dong's body.

  And the other cut open the right arm's sleeve robe.

  Through the cut in the sleeve robe, thick muscles covered with veins hidden within could be vaguely seen.

  There was even a vaguely visible Terror Giant Eye growing on the part of the arm near the shoulder.

  Similarly, the curse at the cut could not spread in Han Dong's arm, even as some of the tentacles squirmed within the wound, the curse was slowly absorbed.

  "Victory or defeat has been decided."

  Han Dong was fully capable of crushing Mia's head with the strength of his right arm during the turmoil of her consciousness.

  Mia became manic despite being affected by the curse.

  But the mask was still on her face, and the part of her consciousness that was in the 'first stage' was still there, barely able to control herself, it was clear that she had lost this contest.

  Fight hard and lose.

  Even if the witch would chastise her, she wouldn't be too harsh.

  Curse lifted.

  The spider's legs growing on its back and the barbs growing out of its joints gradually turned into black smoke and retracted back under the mask, the curse was once again completely sealed.

  The cloudy color in Mia's pupils dissipated.

  Han Dong also withdrew his right arm and changed it to normal size.

  At the same time, the stitched bats made by the witch and used to watch the battle also blew up straight away.

  It seemed that the witch was not in a good mood and was no longer monitoring the situation in this practice area, preparing to take a good vent on the body of the Great Plague Chief.

  Mia, who was pressed between the soil, was in a deficient state.

  Sweat the size of beans was constantly dripping from her forehead, and she swallowed and said, "You, you're amazing."

  "I'm sorry, the attack was a little heavy, you should be able to stand up on your own, right?"

  Although Han Dong is apologizing but his body directly turned around and backed away for a distance, without any intention of assisting Mia.

  The seemingly 'straight man' act had ulterior motives.


  Mia lay on the ground for a full half minute before she recovered slightly and slowly climbed up.

  "That, I lost! I'll keep my promise and tell you my 'curse secret'."

  Who knew that Han Dong swept around in a circle with his little devil's eye and waved his hand with an indifferent face?

  "No need, what you say won't be [the truth] anyway.

  I remember you saying before that depending on the outcome of this match, you could make a request to the other side, right?"

  Mia looked surprised.

  Han Dong continued, "The witch didn't continue to monitor the place, there are some things I'll say straight away.

  Mia Seminovich, your acting skills still need to be improved.

  I only have one request, so don't pester me in the future, okay?"

  Han Dong said this.

  Mia, who originally looked weak and charming, changed her expression drastically for a moment.

  With black hair half hanging in front of her and a sickly expression, she stared at Han Dong with her godless black pupils.

  A very frightening and twisted smile was revealed.

  "Oh! When did you see that?"

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