175 Conclusion of provisional cooperation

Han Dong was just about to walk into the area planned as [First Year].

  The sleeve of his shirt was gently tugged by someone.

  "Hey, can I join you? I swear, it will not interfere.

  Besides, there's a lot of detail in the preliminaries, the Head Witch told me all about it! I'm willing to share it all, if there's a teaming session, the two of us paired together can greatly increase the chances of passing."

  Han Dong didn't respond to her directly.

  Instead, he looked at the wind-up timer on his wrist to confirm that the time was sufficient.

  "Come with me."


  Han Dong quickly headed to the nearest arena rest area and found a small, dark space that was empty and uninhabited as soon as he entered.



  As soon as Mia stepped in here, Han Dong showed an unusually rigid side and forced her into a corner.

  "I won the cut-throat fight three days ago, right? The condition was for you to stop pestering me, I hope you can keep your promise."

  Being such a strong wallop, plus Han Dong's unusually fierce gaze, Mia's eyes were immediately wet with tears.

  To the scene of the girl shedding tears, however, Han Dong replied with an indifferent face.

  "The tears are there, but the expression is slightly exaggerated, don't play these useless games with me, I'm not interested in women."

  This statement was made.

  Mia immediately put away her sad expression and showed a very interested expression, asking tentatively.

  "You're not interested in women, does that mean! You're interested in the little blond guy from earlier?"

  "Not very interested in you at least, what do you really want?"

  "I don't have an agenda; I'm just simply interested in you.

  The first time I met you, I felt an inexplicable sense of affection, like meeting a close friend.

  Just let me follow you during this [Knight Training], okay?

  Moreover, this time, heading to the city to gather training, if anything goes wrong and you accidentally get separated from the army, with the two of us being special, we can definitely survive with each other.

  Besides, Mr. Black and White is no longer here, so if your identity is revealed by the leading knight-errant, I can still vouch for you, can't I?"

  Han Dong had seen that Mia planned to stalk him to death.

  Thus, Han Dong compared the number '1'.

  "I have one condition, if you do anything that I find 'inappropriate', the temporary partnership between us will be immediately broken.

  At that time, if you still stalk me.

  I'll find a way to get us away from the main force, By the time we meet up with the main force again, I'll be the only one left."

  Mia looked aggrieved, "You're threatening me."


  A dazzling particle of ash floated out of the otherwise dark rest area, and the temperature skyrocketed.

  At the same time.

  A wisp of evil Qi that Mia had never seen before followed and spilled out of Han Dong's body.

  Crunch~ (Bone twisting sound)

  The dense evil Qi was accompanied by two twisted, slender and slender arms that slowly crawled out from behind Han Dong.

  Black hair floated.

  A terrifying woman's face was reflected in the black hair.

  It was simply like a terrifying scene in the Destiny Space where a wrong decision had been made, resulting in the invocation of an evil spirit, directly scaring Mia into taking two steps back.


  When backpedaling, Mia hits something solid that resembles steel plates and is hot!

  Look back.

  Not some steel, but a bald man.

  A pair of demonic pupils from hell were staring at him.

  This man with a saw blade inlaid on his forehead was causing Mia tremendous pressure.

  It was then that Han Dong spoke.

  "Are you going to keep following me?"

  Han Dong was clear on one thing, Mia's curse came from outside the city, but she was indeed human in essence, which was why she was able to follow the witch without suspicion.

  Only, her nature was absolutely 'evil'.

  Since Mia wanted to pester him to death, Han Dong simply confessed.

  As long as you're in the way, I'll dispose you off!

  Who knew that a situation slightly unexpected by Han Dong had occurred.

  Mia lowered her head and tightly bit her soft lips.

  Not daring to look up at the woman in red floating beside Han Dong at all, nor daring to look back at the terrifying demon behind her.

  Just slowly walking up, she reached out and pulled Han Dong's corner of her coat, nodding her head slightly, " Want to."

  For a time.

  Both the evil Qi and the hell-burning heat were all gone.

  When Mia looked up again, Han Dong had turned around and stepped out of the rest area.

  Only, however, Han Dong had a palm stretched over his shoulder and gently beckoned for her to hurry up and follow.


  Seeing Han Dong accept her.

  Mia was so excited that there was even a wisp of blackness spilling out from beneath her mask.

  Several small spiders crawled out of Mia's ears and then in through her mouth.

  Just like that, the two returned to the field at the right spot.

  Han Dong deliberately stood in a less conspicuous position at the very end, Mia, on the other hand, leaned close to him, always holding one of Han Dong's coat corners.

  Han Dong said icily.

  "You're famous within the Mysticism Faculty, I suppose? After all, it's the best grade in our excellent grade, are you holding me back like this to deliberately draw attention to the others and increase our risk of exposure?

  Let go!"


  Mia mumbled her small mouth and looked aggrieved, loosening her small hands but still staying close to Han Dong to ensure that no third party would be inserted between them.

  『Master, this woman is all drama, evil and dangerous! Why do you want her to follow you, is it possible that you really want to 'do' her outside the city? 』

  Chen Li had a big problem with this Mia who was stalking her master.

  [Don't fight at every turn, be harmonious and civilized!]

  Since she's pestering, let's simply take this opportunity to find out the source of her curse, once she leaves the city walls, her spider curse might change.

  At that time, we might even be able to borrow 'her' for a bit.''

  ''Mr. Han Dong, are you going to trap people again?''

  Shh, it's called a plan.



  All of the trainee knights gathered in the arena were silent in unison.

  Only because a 'thick', 'violent', 'wild-filled' atmosphere instantly overflowed the arena.

  "[The Kemun Knights] are here! This aura, could it be that Captain personally came!"

  The side door of the arena, the iron gate dedicated to releasing the behemoth, slowly opened as the gears turned.

  The normal rest area passageways simply couldn't accommodate the body of such a figure.

  As the iron doors opened left and right, even more tremendous pressure was released.

  For a time, about 60% of the students in the [First Year] area could not withstand this heavy pressure.

  Poof! Knees on the ground.

  If it were the old Han Dong, he would surely fall to the ground as well.

  It's just that the current Han Dong, not to mention whether his body can carry on, Han Dong was able to use a unique means to weaken the effects of the heavy pressure on his body, standing still in place.

  Nor did he go to pretend to fall.

  After all, this could be part of the preliminaries, and it was necessary for Han Dong to remain standing.

  At that moment, a giant body that completely surpassed the human category squeezed out of the gate.

  Each step would cause the ground to tremble.

  "[Knights of Behemoth]-Captain Kemun Rayne!"

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