176 Behemoth

Behemoth, the largest creature on land, could devour a thousand mountains a day; it could not leave those mountains, or time would be disturbed; for it was so insatiable in its gluttony that God made only one Second Book.

  Of God's creatures, Behemoth is the first.




  Among the 'big men' that Han Dong had seen, that body of the Great Plague Chief-Mogwlani was terrifying enough.

  However, it could not be compared to this man who had stepped out of the Beast-fighting Gate, who was already far beyond the scope of humans.

  His waist alone was two and a half meters wide, and his overall height was over four meters.

  A giant white fur, which was taken from an unknown source, was draped over his body, emitting a burst of wild beastly nature.

  The exposed upper half of his body had extremely exaggerated giant muscles.

  The group mountain tattoo was imprinted on the surface of his body.

  There was actually a moment where Han Dong felt like he was standing in front of a mountain, not only that, but his spirit was under a terrifying pressure.

  This person wore an extremely large and heavy alloy ring on his wrist and ankle respectively.

  Careful observation would reveal that the space around the rings actually showed signs of slight distortion, it seemed to be caused by the high density of the rings themselves.

  The ring should be a top-quality equipment from Destiny Space.

  It acted as if it was deliberately increasing the weight, or as if it was sealing a portion of this person's energy.

  Let's talk about some more of this person's inhuman features.

  All facial hair was white.

  There were two huge curved teeth growing out between his jaws that were over a meter long, curving upwards through his beard, somewhat similar to mammoth tusks.

  The eyes have no pupils and are all white.

  Such an image resembled both a human and a prehistoric beast.

  Mia stuck close behind her and whispered, "This person is known as the strongest creature in the Holy City, the blood of [Giant Beast-Behemoth] flows in his body, and his overall strength should be ranked in the top ten of the Holy City."

  " Behemoth, physique change, a harvest from the Destiny Space?"

  "Well, it should be the Behemoth blood that was exchanged from the Orb of Destiny using a large number of points, And, even if an ordinary person could obtain such blood, they wouldn't be able to handle it.

  This [Kemun Rayne] was able to rank at the top of the Holy City in terms of physique itself before the blood exchange, and is of Orcish origin who majored in control."

  "Well, thanks."

  "Geez, no need to thank me."


  White eyes looked at the crowd as this head of the group walked to the center of the arena.

  "Those who can't handle even a little bit of pressure, you can get out! Don't make me say it again! With such abilities, you still want to follow me outside the city walls, don't insult the knight."

  The trainee knight who had difficulty standing up straight broke out in a cold sweat.

  As this pressure did not diminish.

  This group of trainee knights could only shame the position by crawling.

  "How irritable,"

  Han Dong stood silently and scanned the personnel who remained in the infield.

  Before the official preliminaries had even opened, close to a third of the trainee knights had exited the arena.

  "This elite training will be led by me [Behemoth Knights].

  The venue chosen for this training, the various requirements, and the rules related to the preliminaries will all be different from before.

  This is the result of my application to the council that was set.

  What I hope is that of the trainee knights present who remain, if you take any chances, please leave quickly.

  Because that little bit of luck will lead you to commit irreversible measures in the assembly that will result in your own death and will cause trouble for others."

  After hearing this speech, the students present had a certain amount of mental preparation beforehand and were temporarily unmoved, after all, the [Knight Training] itself was highly sought after, and every year, due to different knight groups leading the team, there would always be some differences in style.


  At that moment, Captain Kaimon unfolded a huge map of the outside of the city.

  With a red cross, he marked the destination of this training gathering.

��� An undeveloped woodland 69 kilometers away from the holy city.

  Many of the students present, who had detailed knowledge of the Knight's training, turned ugly, gritted their teeth and turned away, Indeed, their group was not very firm within themselves.

  And just like that, another about 10% of the personnel took a stand.

  At this point, Mia quietly explained to Han Dong again.

  "Wow. So far away, Usually, knight training is chosen to take place in a scouted area no more than 30 kilometers from the Holy City. This time it actually exceeded twice the normal distance and more!

  Moreover, still choosing to train among the wild woodlands with high variables, once the spirit is affected and accidentally separated from the group, it will be difficult to come out alive.

  Over sixty kilometers away, it's impossible for us trainee knights to return to the Holy City on our own without an escort from the Order."

  "Is that so? Um, got it."

  Han Dong didn't say thank you this time, but Mia pursed her lips slightly while saying.

  "But they've given you some confidential and important knowledge, why don't you thank them?"

  "You're a bit of a little bitch."

  Being scolded by Han Dong like this, Mia actually showed an excited expression, as if she liked it.


  Captain Kemun examined the remaining trainee knights.

  "Well, those who are willing to remain here should still be two types of people left, a true elite who can follow me [Behemoth Knights] out of the city, or a blind junior who has no self-awareness at all.

  Let's use the preliminaries to decide."

  At this point, many people had already started rubbing their fists and warming up.

  According to the previous rules, the preliminaries were a test of an individual's basic physical qualities through various instruments, and the trainee knight ranked within 100 would be given the chance to leave the city.

  But this time it was different.


  Captain Kemun suddenly sat down with his buttocks, sitting down in a big hole not to mention, the ground also shook violently.

  "The pre-selection method has been changed, Whether or not you can follow the [Behemoth Knights] out of the city will be confirmed by me personally. There is no strict quota, as long as you think you can, then you can!

  Starting from this side, come up to me one by one."

  Starting from the area where [Big Three] was standing.

  A library apprentice who was simply relying on a magic shield to block the heavy pressure, calmly walked up to Kemun with a calm face.


  "Well! Not bad, you're qualified, next!"

  Immediately after, a strong and powerful crusader with a giant sword on his back stepped forward and locked eyes with Kemun.

  "Not you, next!"

  "Wait a minute, Captain Kemun! Why not me? I've reached the Seed Breaking stage, and I'm ranked ahead in terms of physical fitness and combat skills."

  With this Crusader Apprentice's question.

  The head of Kemun, who was originally sitting upright, suddenly leaned forward so that two mammoth fangs crossed this man's cheeks and looked at him at close range.

  "If I say you can't, you just can't, any more nonsense and I'll cripple you! Next!"

  With this statement, the crusader apprentice was directly shocked into unconsciousness and was carried away by the arena staff.

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