178 Assignment of missions

"The special task I'm going to give you is:

  For this elite training, the six selected freshmen will create a special squad based on their existing team.

  It will be one of my deputies who will be secretly ensuring the safety of your squad.

  But will not pay for your major mistakes."

  "Abel Rayne!"


  Abel knelt down on one knee, then supported his body with his right fist and bowed his head very respectfully.

  There was absolutely no affection in the eyes, just like a soldier receiving an important order delegated by an officer.

  "You will be the captain of this special squad."

  "Receive orders!"

  "Nicholas Valen!"


  "You will act as the chief of staff and vice-captain of this special squad, and assist Abel throughout."

  "Under my orders."

  Kemun's next statement was unusually firm, his voice echoing directly into the minds of the two men.

  "The two of you will work together to co-manage the six-member squad and ensure the safety of all members.

  Any serious casualties that occur in the squad during the training period will be pursued against you.

  In contrast, as long as you are able to lead the squad completely during the training period and there are no fatalities, you will receive an "excellent" rating on your evaluation forms.

  Are there any questions?"

  Since Captain Kemun had made such an arrangement, Han Dong naturally could not refuse.

  Personally, Han Dong himself was reluctant to take on such a position, Han Dong's personality was inclined to act alone.

  Moreover, there were too many unknown factors on the outside of the city walls, plus his own connection with the mysterious yellow robe.

  If one encountered an abnormal situation outside the city, the possibility of exposing one's secrets would increase significantly, Of course, one could then dump the blame on Mia or use her as a shield.

  『It wouldn't be a bad decision to establish a temporary relationship with Mia』.

  "That's all I have to say, I hope you guys can prepare yourselves well afterwards."


  Han Dong left the scene first.

  There was something about today's happenings that Han Dong thought it was necessary to report to Mr. Black and White.

  After seeing Han Dong leave, Abel, the smile hanging on his face was immediately wiped away, and he turned to Captain Kemun with a strange face.

  "Grandfather, there's something strange about this man, whether it's his appearance, or the handshake contact he made just now.

  In my opinion, his standard should be just slightly above average.

  But, when I get close to him, or when I'm looking directly at him, I feel a vague sense of danger from the "Hundred Beasts" inside my body.

  It's strange, as if there's something extremely dangerous hidden inside him, even more terrifying than my "Hundred Beasts"."

  When Abel said that, not only did Captain Kemun not have any puzzled expression, he instead looked happy as he jerked at the giant fangs that grew in his jaw area.

  "Ha-ha! Strange would be right, it's a student that Crow has his eye on.

  It would be problematic if it wasn't strange that it's only of middling strength."

  Abe asked curiously, "What is the significance of this arrangement by grandfather?

  Even if Grandfather you don't directly appoint me to the position of captain.

  According to my prestige and power positioning among the new students, when the time comes, they will also naturally elect me as the team leader.

  If this student of the Raven Prophet possesses special abilities and extraordinary decision-making abilities, he will also naturally become the mainstay of the team in the event of a dangerous event."

  Captain Kemun very patiently explained for his eldest grandson.

  "I do this only to position your 'relationship' in advance.

  I hope that this student chosen by the Raven will befriend you.

  With your talent and unique physique, you will definitely inherit the position of head of the [Behemoth Knights] in the future.

  However, it will be difficult for you to take the Order to the next level.

  If this person can grow to the same level as you, then by virtue of the relationship you share, invite him to be the Chief of Staff of the [Behemoth Knights].

  This will directly allow the overall standard of the Knights to take a big step forward."

  Abel looked amazed; he had never seen his grandfather speak so highly of a person before.

  "Grandpa, it's hard for you to see what's so special about him! That good?"

  "No, I'm not trusting this boy, I simply believe in the Raven's vision, This Raven's position in the Holy City is even higher than many of our Heads.

  Students who can be chosen by the Raven must be equal to the Raven in terms of talent, or even higher or have something special that we cannot see."

  "I wish I had the chance to meet this Raven Prophet."

  "There will naturally be opportunities in the future, always get on good terms with this student, but properly try to learn some of his secrets."

  "Got it."


  "Mr. Black and White's face is really big, I didn't expect to have a deeper interaction with this Captain Kemun as well.

  By the way, with the power granted by Destiny Space, he was able to evolve the human race to this extent.

  If a behemoth existence like Captain Kemun were to travel to the world I was born in, it would simply be a walking humanoid nuclear bomb, and the balance of the world would probably be out of balance as a result."

  Han Dong could see that Captain Kemun was so optimistic about him only because of this relationship with Mr. Black and White.

  The moment Han Dong had just stepped out of the arena.

  Immediately, he was tightly held by two soft and slender arms, and he didn't have to think about who they were.

  "Wow! Captain Kemun actually let you stay and talk alone with Abel, what did you guys talk about, can you tell someone?"

  Instead of answering Mia's question, Han Dong asked rhetorically, "You know Abel?"

  "You're probably the only freshman you don't know! Abel Rayne. Who doesn't know the name? He is Captain Kemun's eldest grandson. When he entered the school, he passed a 4.5-star difficult novice event.

  Plus, Abel got a perfect score on his entrance exam! An extremely rare full excellent file.

  He was known as a rare talent in the beast control field for a hundred years.

  Rumor has it that Abel seems to have a special beast physique. The true potential is even higher than his grandfather, Captain Kemun."

  "That powerful?"

  "No, it's not, it's just that no matter how good this Abel is, people won't take a second look. People are always only interested in you!"

  "Can you do me a favor tonight?"


  "I want detailed information on the six newcomers this time, so please comb through it for me."

  "What's there to comb through, is this okay? Tonight, you come straight to someone's tree house to spend the night well, I'll tell you slowly in bed.

  Anything you want to know, including people's personal secrets can be told to you!"

  Mia's hints were already obvious, but Han Dong was completely uninterested.

  "Why don't you come with me to the [Stargazing Room] first? I have a little business with Mr. Black and White."

  "Ahsoka, okay."

  Mia was slightly hesitant; she didn't seem to be ready to meet with Mr. Black and White yet.

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