164 3 Months

The incident at Martini's house comes to a temporary end.

  Mr. Black and White, Han Dong, and Celeste, in the follow-up secretly penetrated the Martini mansion unbeknownst to anyone.

  After the raven brought the spirit of Viscount Alex Martini back to his original body, he gradually recovered from his weakness and fear.

  No longer continuing the 'terrifying dreams', with several days of recuperation and nutrient intake, the tired brain gradually returned to normal, with just one more month of rest, he would be able to fully recover and continue my related creations.

  Due to the absence of critical evidence and memory searches that could not find clues to trace the incident back to its source, the incident became an unsolved case.

  The council has followed up with further protection for the writer's community.

  As the incident did not materially harm the Holy City, it slowly disappeared over time, and no one paid attention to it anymore.


  Stargazing Room

  In front of the fireplace.

  Mr. Black and White was holding Han Dong's left arm, carefully observing the back of his hand.

  "Hmm, without actively activating the "Yellow Seal", even I couldn't see the end of it, Very good, Worthy of the means of a high-level existence."



  Han Dong considered such a 'deal' to be extremely risky.

  Moreover, what was more important was that the risk was mostly on Han Dong's shoulders, A 'Faceless Head' was already troublesome enough, and now there was another mysterious and inscrutable 'Yellow Seal'.

  Han Dong already had a premonition.

  If this continued, Han Dong suspected that one day, Mr. Black and White would send him to the outskirts of the city, deep behind enemy lines, to act as a 'twenty-five boy'.

  "The risk, the risk to your head is far higher than this seal, the seal will not be discovered by anyone in the Holy City as long as you don't activate it.

  I am of the opinion that since you yourself have some connection to the creatures outside the city, try to deepen that relationship.

  You have one more 'channel' for development than we do, and in addition to the Destiny Space, you also have the ability to grow from out-of-town beings.

  Yellow Jacket, itself, is also a very special high being.

  Based on what we know so far, it is different from the evil, arrogant creatures outside the city. A maverick, a near-neutral existence.

  Such a relationship, once established, would be very beneficial to you overall."

  "I trust the decision that sir made." Han Dong nodded.

  "Of course, the ultimate pros and cons of this relationship will depend on you yourself.

��� I hope that you can use this seal to slowly build a good relationship with the Yellow Clothes, which will be of great significance to you and to our Holy City."


  "Sir, I have a question, is it so difficult that sir had already calculated this before he allowed me to travel to Martini's?"

  A smile cracked beneath the black mask.

  "It was White alone who conducted a 'short-term divination' on you personally.

  It was calculated that this time's banquet would have an important impact on your life, I never thought that this matter would lead to the mastermind behind the Yellow Clothes.

  Three months later, the Knight Training will be held in a new training area outside the city.

  If conditions allow, you can try to use this "Yellow Seal" and see what effect it will have.

  It is up to you to weigh all the pros and cons.

  As for the need for 'writers' in the yellow jacket itself, I'll take care of it here single-handedly."

  "Okay, thanks Mr. Black and White."

  "Well, practice your basic skills, hide your special eyes, and after three months, obtain the entry list for the Knight Training Collection first."


  The next time.

  Han Dong set up a detailed study schedule for himself.

  1. In the early stages, perform Plague-ology faculty training to reach the four-star benchmark. After molding, if there was a chance, he could ask the Great Plague Chief for knowledge on "natural disasters" and "Dual Tree Cultivation".

  Han Dong himself is very interested in Dual Tree Cultivation.

  2. Spend two hours a day practicing "Little Magic Eyes" to increase the proficiency and to completely avert the polluting scent emitted from his eyeballs.

  Learning and perfecting the first chapter of the "Book of the Dead - Eye Codex", and enhancing the ability of the Sinister Chen Li by invoking evil energy, striving to make Chen Li's overall strength equal to that of Togo.

  3. Han Dong also intends to use this channel of Coslin to find a furnace with a high enough temperature for 'Togo' to get a boost and return to his power level in the movie as soon as possible.

  4. Through morning runs, night runs and some of the Crusader Alchemy Basis that he got from Cass.

  Strengthen your body and become familiar with the 'g-1 form'.

  Following such a study plan, Han Dong's daily sleep time was kept to six hours, and it was not uncommon for him to pick his way through the night.

  After about a month.

  Han Dong, in his dormitory, had just finished reading an eye book and was about to fall asleep.

  There was a soul-crushing numbness in the back of his left hand.

  Han Dong was shocked and immediately went to the bathroom.

  The long-lost "yellow mark" surfaced for the first time!

  For a time, the bathroom's wall cracks, drainage pipes, and water outlets spilled out a large amount of white mist.

  Han Dong himself, through the square mirror on the sink, saw the blurred yellow robe coalesce and form behind him.

  As tentacles were slowly born from within the yellow robe, a distorted font was written on the glass.

  The "Little Devil's Eye" must be turned on in order to read this odd writing.

  After leaving the message, the yellow robe disappeared along with the fog.

  The yellow mark faded away and the bathroom returned to normal.

  The string of messages left behind made Han Dong look helpless.


  『The book 'Legend of the Dragon' achieved my expectations, the content was so captivating.

  I've already thought of a follow-up story as well as a larger world framework, so please prepare a writer who specializes in 'fantasy' for me in the near future, I'll need to commandeer about 0 days. ''

  Han Dong didn't know what to say about this odd behavior of borrowing a writer to write a book.

  It was reported to Mr. Black and White immediately afterwards, and the matter was quickly resolved.

  The commissioned writer also received a personal thank you gift from Mr. Black and White, which was considered to be a 'proper' transaction with Yellow Coat, no one was affected by the process, and everything was normal in the Holy City.

  Moreover, when the Dragon Legend 2 was delivered.

  This mysterious yellow coat was actually polite, leaving the word 'thank you' on the mirror.

  Han Dong was also even more curious about what kind of person this yellow coat, who was enough to bring a devastating disaster to the Holy City, was.


  The three months of study were about to wind down.

  The four requirements that Han Dong had set for himself were basically fulfilled.

  Three days before the opening of the Knight Training Preliminaries, Han Dong made a request to Mr. Black and White for an audience with the Great Plague Chief.

  "It's just as well, as the three months are approaching, let me try out the results of your studies during the three months.

  If you can reach the standard, I'll agree for you to meet with the Great Plague Chief in private."

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