Celestial Inc.

Ever wondered what would you do if you get the unique power to go from planet to another? Ever wondered what would be it's implication in the life of the person? Well, if you ever had that question in your mind than follow the protagonist to answer that as he travels back and forth from real world to a world of magic. He will take the most unique route in his path and carve himself a name that would echo throughout the universe.

thelightedghost · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
10 Chs

What an ignorant kid

"Hmm... That's an unusual situation. I've never heard of anyone in my life being transported from one place to another in a matter of seconds. Perhaps someone kidnapped you and left you here," the scarred leader remarked. Surprisingly, he didn't seem too concerned about the possibility of kidnapping.

Was kidnapping a common occurrence in this place?

Kiryin cautiously stepped out of the cell, feeling less afraid now, ready to escape at any sign of danger. The scarred leader noticed Kiryin's vigilance and smiled, shaking his head.

"We initially thought you were a bandit, mainly because of your outfit. Moreover, nobody has ever come out of the Darkness Forest unless they were bandits. Even though you helped us, we still need to keep you under scrutiny and in the cage until we reach our destination. It can't be ignored that you assisted us to save yourself," the scarred leader explained.

Kiryin suddenly realized that his outfit was vastly different from theirs. He wore modern clothing, probably something they had never seen in their lifetime. And seriously, who names a place "Darkness Forest"? Couldn't they have come up with a better name?

"Um... So why am I allowed to come out?" Kiryin couldn't resist asking, curious about the reason for being allowed out of the cage.

"You provided us with valuable knowledge. With your help, we can now defeat the slugs, or at least the Glimmershell Escargots, and earn money in the process. As a token of our gratitude, you can take the shell of the Glimmershell Escargot leader," the scarred leader replied.

This left Kiryin puzzled. Why would he need the shell of a slug and dirty monster? The scarred leader noticed Kiryin's confusion and looked perplexed himself.

"You don't know what you can do with the shells of these monsters?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm quite ignorant about these matters. I was brought up in a very remote area where monsters are very rare, and I only know a little about farming," Kiryin admitted.

"Sounds like a cool and peaceful place," Thomas, the wizard who had shown Kiryin fire magic for the first time, mumbled. Everyone listening to Kiryin and the scarred leader could hear him. They also couldn't help but envy Kiryin, someone who had hardly encountered monsters while living in such a remote area, as it seemed like a miraculous experience.

"Since you're not familiar, let me educate you a bit. The shells can be used to create magic-resistant and impact-resistant armor. Take these shells to a skilled magical blacksmith, and they can craft comfortable and protective armor that will shield you from low-level magic attacks. The shell of this monster can produce 3 or 4 sets of armor. You can keep one for yourself and sell the rest. If you're good at bargaining, you can earn around 20 silver coins from the sales," the scarred leader patiently explained.

Kiryin nodded eagerly, feeling both excited and embarrassed about his lack of knowledge. The prospect of having resistance against magic and impact was thrilling.

However, he remained cautious, not wanting to draw jealousy from those around him. He discreetly glanced around to assess the situation. Thankfully, everyone seemed preoccupied with separating the gooey body from the shells. The scarred leader took charge and started cleaning himself, having just defeated the massive monster.

Kiryin cautiously approached the gigantic creature, unsure about how to harvest the shells without proper equipment. He contemplated asking for help when Thomas, the wizard, stepped forward and offered assistance.

"Here, let me help you with the harvesting," Thomas said, using fire magic to burn the inside of the shell. As a result, the monster's body shrunk and melted out of the shell. Kiryin observed in awe as the fire seemed to bounce off an invisible barrier, leaving the shell unharmed.

This was truly amazing.

After a short while, Thomas finished his work and dragged the shell with him.

"Your cage has enough space to put it inside. If another attack comes, you can take shelter within the shell. This time it was only the slug monsters; who knows what might come next. Though it's a bit smelly inside, survival is still essential for you," Thomas advised.

"Thank you. I really appreciate your help," Kiryin expressed his gratitude.

"Don't thank me. I am also doing this for my own benefit," Thomas replied.

"Benefit? If you want armor made, I can provide it for you," Kiryin offered. Money wasn't his primary concern; he valued knowledge more, and if Thomas could share some basic knowledge of magic, it would be immensely valuable to him.

"You're misunderstanding me. I'm helping you because of your magic power," Thomas clarified.

"My magic power? I don't have any kind of magic," Kiryin honestly admitted. Magic seemed far beyond his grasp, even though he had a vague feeling that he may have used some form of magic when he defended himself against the bunny. He wasn't entirely sure if it was magic, though.

"You're truly unaware. Don't you know that you possess a vast amount of magic reserves within your body? It's a miracle that nobody noticed it before. I am primarily a fire wizard, but I've also learned spells of detection and sense. Your body radiates like the sun in a lush forest. Any magic school would be eager to have you as their student. Perhaps that's the reason you were kidnapped—someone wanted to forcibly take you away and teach you magic or make you their apprentice. People like you are exceptionally rare," Thomas explained.

"What?" Kiryin was taken aback by these revelations. He had a massive amount of magic reserves? Did the encounter in Angkor grant him this power? What was happening?

"It seems like nobody has ever taught you before. Good. I'll be your teacher until you find a magic school. How old are you?" Thomas inquired.

"I just turned 16," Kiryin replied. Despite his young age, he had matured quickly due to his difficult circumstances, making him wiser beyond his years.