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An actor with a failing career from our Earth named Aeric does a good deed for the first time in his life and then shortly after dies. After dying he meets a god who gives him 3 random lotto's. Over time his cold heart opens up to the people around him and he becomes the peoples Hero/King and also a famous Celebrity. If you wish to support me and this work, feel free to donate. I'll try to pump out some extra chapters on the story that you want. paypal.me/OnlyMeToday

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The Trial (Part 3)

I spoke into the mic once more.

"Sometimes people deceive or things aren't as they seem and it makes us find guilt where there isn't any and sometimes it's the very people that are holding up Justice that bend and taint said Justice for their own personal gain." These words were more for the Justice league than anyone else. I was trying to give them a fairly strong hint, without saying it outright.

The colorful lights long gone, the room dark, before a blue hue covered the stage. The next song I was going to sing was called 'for what it's worth', but I was going to sing it in the form of an Indie artist back from my old earth named Billy Porter. I tweaked the lyrics a bit to fit the situation better. I started to sing, the thousands in the audience all had their eyes on me, wanting to know what I would sing next as they awaited the trial to resume.

🎶♪🎵There's something happening here

But what it is ain't exactly clear

There's a manhunter with a gun over there

A-telling me I got to beware

I think it's time we stop

Children, what's that sound?

Everybody look what's going down

There's battle lines being drawn

And nobody's right if everybody's wrong

Alien Hero's speaking their minds

Are gettin' so much resistance from behind

It's time we stop

Hey, what's that sound?

Everybody look what's going down🎶♪🎵

Finally seeing the manhunters make their way to me from the distance, I decided to skip over some verses and go directly to the end of the song.

🎶♪🎵Paranoia strikes deep

Into your life, it will creep

It starts when you're always afraid

Step out of line, the man come and take you away

We better stop

Hey, what's that sound?

Everybody look what's going


The manhunters made their way to me "This is unlawful behavior, please come with us, we will hold you until the trial is over". I didn't put up a fight and just went with them. They then cuffed me and took me away. Leaving the crowd to think about the lyrics of the latest song that encouraged protest and questioning of authority.

The Judicial system of this world was not fair at all. Long ago, the judges ensured that no defendant could ever be acquitted. The judges had declared a law stating that a lawyer who defended a defendant that was later proven guilty would suffer the same penalty as his/her client. Thus, lawyers stopped defending the accused. Luckily for GL John Stewart, The Flash puts his friends first and decided to defend him.

I noticed the other League members discussing something before hurrying away. They are smart, so they would have been pushed onto the right path sooner than they would have originally due to my words.

What everybody didn't know, but that I knew, is that the planet being destroyed by GL John Stewart never really happened. It was an illusion setup by the manhunters because their jobs had been taken by the Green Lanterns and they wanted them to look bad by framing one of their best.

Superman and the others were on their way to investigate now more than likely and will soon figure it all out. In the original the moon gave up the illusion due to the fact it was still orbiting a planet that shouldn't be there.

I didn't need to do much on this mission, but I was here for coins and I figured id help out a bit while I was at it. I also had another ulterior motive while being here,

As they led me away, I waited until we were out of sight of any others before destroying the cuffs and then blasting the two manhunters chest with a ki blast, sending them flying. I then changed back to my hero persona and looked for the ki signature I had made note of earlier.

Not long after, I found him. Kanjar Ro was boarding his ship, about to leave. I made my way to him quickly and then knocked him out cold before he realized I was there.

I then boarded his ship, which he had already opened for me. It was time to put my thievery skills to use. An Alien Pirate is bound to have some good loot that I would find useful. Was stealing from a thief considered theft? I personally didn't think so.

The ship was small, but the cargo area took up most of it's interior, so it still housed quite a bit.

The front of the ship was filled to the brim with junk items I wasn't particularly interested in. The further back I went, the better the items got. I could even see a small secure safe way in the back that was built into the ship itself which looked extremely important.

I picked up a number of materials that I had no idea of what they were, but they looked important. I also grabbed what looked like green and gold Kryptonite rocks. I also saw a white crystal that looked like kryptonite, but it made me feel a tiny bit weak the closer I got to it, so I avoided it. I had never heard of a white kryptonite, so I had no clue it's effects are on regular people.

Kryptonite of all colors have been known to affect different alien races in different ways, as this universes only Saiyan, I felt I should be careful, because I had no idea how things in here could affect me now or later.

A whole planet exploded and these rocks were found often in space, heck... many even made their way all the way to earth. I wasn't surprised at all. It's probably the fools gold of space.

There wasn't only materials, but also tech. I picked up two hundred 'helper' bots that were tiny spherical objects until thrown. After thrown they transform into 5ft metallic silver humanoid robots, I'll test them out fully later. I also grabbed 50 beam rifles and 10 sonic grenades, I had no current use for them, but I couldn't help but pick them up. I could think of a couple of uses if I really wanted.

I was informed by my system that it was almost at full capacity, so I eased back on the 5 finger discounts and made my way to the safe in the back.

It was an electronic safe, but with my training, I've pretty much mastered electronic locks. It took me less than 30 minutes to open. In terms of electronic safe cracking this was pretty good.

Sitting in the safe by itself was a ring with a black, purple, and clear gemstone attached to it. The three colors swirled around on the gemstone while it gave off a soft humming sound that could barely be heard.

I had no idea what it was, but I threw it into my systems inventory as well. I'll figure out it's purpose later if it has one and if it's just some valuable antique, I can sell it off or gift it to someone. Considering it was the only thing in the safe, it probably has some type of function.