Celebrity System In The DC Universe

An actor with a failing career from our Earth named Aeric does a good deed for the first time in his life and then shortly after dies. After dying he meets a god who gives him 3 random lotto's. Over time his cold heart opens up to the people around him and he becomes the peoples Hero/King and also a famous Celebrity. If you wish to support me and this work, feel free to donate. I'll try to pump out some extra chapters on the story that you want. paypal.me/OnlyMeToday

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Beam me up Scotty!

After doing my rounds in the City for a bit longer, I traveled back to my house. When I had set up the electricity yesterday, the system had me pick where I wanted outlets in the house, so I put two in every room. I was close enough to businesses that had public internet and so I got on one of those. Signing up as a musician on spotify was pretty simple so I did that and added all the songs I have sang so far onto it. MMbop, Shivers, I wanna dance with somebody, Gotham City, Ghost, Can't fight the moonlight, and Dancing in the moonlight.

Making a Cd with 7 songs is possible, but I think I'll wait till I have at least 10 songs before doing so. That part of the system task will have to wait. I also wanted to wait for my popularity to raise a bit more before releasing one. Although most people use mp3's these days, some still do buy cd's.

After that I went to sleep and didn't wake up till 1pm the next day. Right after waking up I decided to train all day to make up for the training I skipped out on the day before while killing time until I met up with Batman. I was currently learning the basics on everything I had set out to learn. As I was training, I found out that I had a knack for lockpicking and aviation. I found them to be fun, which made it easier for me. Maybe it was easier for me and that's why I found it to be fun? I couldn't say really.

My martial arts was that of a beginner, but I probably won't have to use it anytime soon so I won't be embarrassing myself with it more than likely.

The day went on slowly until the time to meet Batman arrived. I made my way to Ace Chemicals in Gotham and waited. I was a bit early, mostly due to excitement, but also not wanting to be late. It seems it pays to be punctual because the Javelin -7 arrived nearly the same time I did. After it landed, I walked on board to see Flash, Wonder woman, GL John Stewart, and Hawk girl already on board.

The flash was the first to speak "And you are? I thought we were were picking up that well dressed chap in the top hat?"

I gave a small chuckle. "We met during the Alien invasion briefly. I introduced myself as Moonlight Knight. Ive upgraded my costume since then."

"Oh, wow, lay off the cigarettes man. What's up with your voice?" said Flash.

Hawk Girl walked up to get a closer look before stating her own opinion. "I liked your old look better, you seemed more approachable."

GL John Stewart shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he had no opinion on the matter. "Nice to see you again Moonlight Knight"

Batman flew the Javelin in the air before speaking. "I like the new costume, the voice is a nice touch. I had thought to add a voice change to my costume once, but decided against it. Welcome aboard".

Getting Batman's approval was pretty cool. I nodded. "Thanks for having me".

After taking a seat, I spoke "So where are we headed?"

"Don't know" Was the look the guys in the back were giving me. Batman Ignored my question and kept piloting the Jav-7. Of course I already knew where we were going, but played dumb.

It didn't take long before we were in front of and about to enter the watchtower. Before reaching here I was worried that I wouldn't seem genuinely surprised enough since it wouldn't be much of one to me, but after seeing the watchtower for the first time in all of it's glory in real life instead of on a show, I didn't have to pretend. It was huge, a lot bigger than I thought it was.

Batman/Bruce had gotten this built with just a few months time? It was hard to believe. If I was anyone else, I would assume he had powers he was keeping to himself. This was quite the feat.

After entering the watchtower, batman spoke. "Take a look around, don't touch anything if you don't know how it works or what it does".

We all went our own ways and looked around a bit before meeting up with Batman in the observation deck. Superman was already on board the watchtower long before us and the two were talking when we arrived.

I heard the convo as I approached. "This watchtower will act as an early warning system for detecting other threats of invasions from space" Batman said to Superman.

Flash and wonder woman walked in shortly after I did holding drinks. "And it has a fully stocked kitchen, ice mocha?" Flash asked Superman to which superman replied "No thanks"

"Mmm they don't have these on Themiscyra" Wonder woman said as she sipped on her drink enthusiastically.

Flash sped over to get closer to Wonder Woman. "Stick around Princess, I'll show you the ropes".

Wonder woman looked at her new Justice League friends with fondness "Perhaps I will"

Just then GL John Stewart with hawk girl beside him showed up. "An impressive installation, most impressive, but what's it got to do with us?"

I finally spoke up. "I think it's obvious, they want us to form a team to protect earth. Am I right?" I asked as I looked at Batman and Superman.

"You're right, I once thought I could protect the world by myself, but I have realized with this latest event that if we stuck together as a team, we could work together and be a force that could truly work for the ideals of Peace and Justice". Superman replied.

Flash smiled "What like a bunch of super friends?"

Superman smiled back "More like a Justice League"

"Do you have any idea how corny that sounds? ...but maybe the big guys got a point. With all of us behind it, it just might work. Count me in". After speaking, flash extended his arm for a handshake and superman shook it.

GL John Steward spoke up "Me too" Followed by Hawk Girl's agreement "and me"

Wonder woman looked a bit conflicted yet determined . "My mother may not approve, but I find man's world intriguing. I'll gladly join."

One by one they all formed a circle putting their hands on top of each other, while batman and I both stood to the side silently.

"What about you Batman and Moonlight Knight?" Superman asked.

Batman spoke first "I'm not really a people person, but when you need help and you will, call me"

I looked at Batman and laughed. "You act like this whole thing wasn't your idea".

"The team is necessary, but I can't commit to it right now" Replied batman.

"Well, I'm kind of the same. I can't commit to a set schedule, but I'll help out when I can." I said looking at the group before placing my hand on top of the rest.

Superman nodded "Understood, then we are all agreed?"

Wonder woman spoke up "Wait, Johns not here"

"I'll get him" I said as I flew over to him. John was nearby in thought looking morose as he looked out of the observation deck at the stars.

I put my hand on Johns shoulder in understanding. "I can't speak for the rest, but if you ever need somebody, you can come talk to me as a friend".

John continued to look at the stars. "I am the last of my kind, the sorrow in my heart is vast, but your kind words mean a lot to me".

Batman and the rest got closer. They all one by one expressed their understanding. We were all orphans or the last of our kind in some form or another aside from GL John Stewart and The Flash. We all had a certain level of understanding when it came to Johns pain.

I was the only Saiyan in the world, but before that I was a man from parallel earth where people had no powers. I will likely never see my brother or world ever again. Even the most shut off people unwillingly and unknowingly form connections to the people around them. Sometimes we don't know what we have until it's gone. I often miss my brother Michael and wonder how he is doing.

Still, I can never truly understand Johns pain. As far as he knows, all of his race were killed and he has no loved ones of his kind to turn to.

I turned off the voice changing magic for a second. "John, we are all here for you. We may not be your kind, but I would be honored to be your friend and I welcome you to call earth your new home.

"Me to" everyone said together.

John Jones finally gave his reply "Yes, let's get along".

After talking a bit and getting to know each other, Batman gathered us and gave us all our own personal watchtower transmitter that allowed us entry.

I used the actors wardrobe to weave the transmitter into my costume. I then went to the main deck and set it as a teleport spot for my beaming tech room. I can now teleport to and from here anytime I wanted.

I needed to get back to my training. Having put my voice magic back on, I said my goodbyes. "I'll try to check in with the watch tower daily, but i'm not making any promises. It was nice getting to know you all better, but I'm going to head home for now."

They all took turns saying their goodbyes and then I activated the beaming tech through the system. A light shone around me and the next second I was in my houses transporting room.

I would have loved to see their faces when I beamed out.