Celebrity Crush! In My Head! Book

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Celebrity Crush! In My Head!


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A COMICAL HIGH-SCHOOL THEMED ROM-COM/ DRAMA FOR STRESS RELIEF! Hehe... FEATURING: POWERFUL HOT-HEADED FL + GENIUS CELEBRITY ML (WITH A HINT OF GOOFINESS). Ciara, the toughest, smartest and coolest student of Prestige Highschool has her super secret, never-to-be-revealed-over-her-dead-body crush on C country's hottest celebrity, embarrassingly exposed in her final year! By a good deed and a stroke of luck, she gets a chance to meet her celebrity crush in person!... And then fate decides this first meeting will not be their last!! In fact, fate is a tease who just won't stop until Ciara loses her mind because somehow, her celebrity crush is in her bed!! But Of course, what is life without some crazy obstacles? Ciara must face some opposition from her father's mistress-turned-wife and her new queen-bitch step-sister in the same class. Can Ciara fix her crashing life? Will all her beautiful dreams come true? Or will her nemesis ruin it all?! ... Enjoy the funny story of 'Girl meets Celebrity Crush...' #ROMCOM #DRAMA #CONTEMPORARYROMANCE #COMEDY #HIGHSCHOOL PS: THIS STORY IS WRITTEN LIKE A FUN DRAMA SERIES TO RELIEVE A STRESSED AUDIENCE. Enjoy! ... Art isn't mine. I just edited it. I will take it down if requested by original owner. Book Cover Credit: https://pin.it/1o4UtsY