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"System, tell me more about the three options." Dong Tianyu asked tentatively.

To his surprise, a description of the three selections indeed echoed in his ears.

"Refuge Center upgrade direction - Technology standpoint: Core structure - Research Center, Sub-upgrade paths Time-Space Fortress, Titan City-State, Eternal Manor."

"Refuge Center upgrade direction - Mystic standpoint: Core item - Mystic Realm Token, Sub-upgrade paths Mystic Garden, Cave World, Tower of Truth."

"Refuge Center upgrade direction - Biological standpoint: Core item - Heart of Life: Sub-upgrade pathways Eternal Hive, Star Eater, World Tree."

Although detailed upgrade directions were given, no specific details were provided. However, the sub-upgrade paths hint at the capabilities of the upgraded Refuge Center.

The core structure for the technology standpoint is the Research Center. As can be inferred from the name of this core structure, the upgrade would be through the path of technological developments. It might lead to Godhood via genes or mechanical ascendance in its advanced stages.

Upgrading from a technological stand point is highly versatile. It offers a seamless transition and can afford a wider populace the convenience brought about by advancements in technology.

In the later stages, the technology standpoint also excels in individual enhancement, with examples such as nano-armors and gene engines.

The core item given by the Mystic standpoint is the Mystic Realm Token. Judging by the name of the sub-upgrade paths, they should represent magic orientation, martial immortality orientation, and alchemy orientation.

In comparison to the technology standpoint, which he can somewhat speculate, Dong Tianyu could only vaguely guess the upgrade pathway of the Mystic standpoint, despite the numerous literary sequels.

Unless there are surprises, choosing this path should enable him to obtain various cultivation methods, with the upgrade pathway centered on self empowerment.

The core item provided by the Biological perspective is the Heart of Life. Viewing it from the point of view of the sub-upgrade paths, it is simply about bugs, animals, and plants.

Having compared the upgrade paths of the previous two refuge centers, Dong Tianyu could easily guess that the biological standpoint prioritizes individual strength.

According to Dong Tianyu's speculations, the Heart of Life would either be incorporated into his own body, transforming him into the corresponding creature, or the Refuge Center would be remodeled into the corresponding creature.

The three major upgrade directions probably don't differ much in strength, but there are considerable differences at this initial stage. The one with the highest chances of survival in the early stages should be the biological standpoint.

However, the one with the highest cost-effectiveness would be the technology standpoint since it provides the highest benefits for livelihood.

Therefore, Dong Tianyu ultimately chose the Mystic standpoint.

After all, who doesn't want to focus on self-empowerment? Although the Mystic standpoint does not offer as much benefits as the technology standpoint in the early stages, and its individual combat capabilities may not be as high as the biological standpoint in the later stage.

However, strength is a matter of time, but being badass is a lifetime thing.

Furthermore, it's hard for an individual to progress in the technology standpoint, and unless Dong Tianyu is extremely lucky, at best he could only secure a worry-free living.

With a stroke of bad luck, he might be targeted as a boss by others, to see if he can drop any equipment. After all, once reported, Dong Tianyu would be betting his own life to see if he will meet White Richard during the reporting process.

Theoretically, the technology standpoint would be the best choice in the early stages, but in practical terms, it's not as cost-effective.

In theory, the biological standpoint, which doesn't seem as cost-effective, is actually the most cost-efficient choice.

However, Dong Tianyu still wants to remain human, so he ultimately set the Cave mansion's upgrade direction to the Mystic standpoint.

A token suddenly appeared in Dong Tianyu's hand, followed by a confirmation sound in his ear.

"The Refuge Center's upgrade direction has been decided. You've obtained the Refuge Center Territory Token."

Looking at the token that suddenly appeared in his hand, Dong Tianyu gave it a hard squeeze.

The token in his hand exploded instantly like gas. The shattered particles didn't disperse randomly, but blended directly into Dong Tianyu's body as if they were alive.

Once Dong Tianyu's body fully absorbed the token turned into a mist, he felt as if the entire Refuge Center was under his control.

"Do you want to convert your Refuge Center (initial benefit)?"


"Technology standpoint Simple Refuge Center → Small Cave Mansion"

Technology standpoint: Geothermal Heat Pump → Small Earth Vein

Technology standpoint: Motorized Well → Clean Well

Technology standpoint: Fresh Air System → Merged into Cave mansion (Improve air circulation)

Technology standpoint: Small Hatchery → Merged into Cave mansion (Increase Egg Hatching success rate)

Technology standpoint: Algae Oxygen Generator → Small Pond

Technology standpoint: Generator and Lighting System → Luminous Stone (Brightness regulated by Cave Token)

The equipment converted this time belonged to the technology standpoint, and did not affect the unopened backup resistor equipment Dong Tianyu had stored in the lower levels.


'Cave Mansion Initialization Successful.'

Cave Mansion: (Unnamed)

Cave Mansion Owner: Dong Tianyu

Cave Mansion Level: Small Cave Mansion

Cave Mansion Area: 50*50 (Height 10m)

Innate Features: Conversion (Consume survival points, convert Cave Mansion's technology standpoint items into Mystic standpoint items)

Shadow Space: Possess a Shadow Space of equal size to the Cave Mansion, the time in the Shadow Space is still, and cannot store living things.

Ability: Primary Absorption (Absorb regular items in the Cave Mansion to enhance the Mansion's foundations)

Earth Vein Level: Small Earth Vein

Earth Vein Special Traits: Stability (Lowers the impact of earthquakes on the Cave Mansion), Resource scarcity (The Earth Vein produces a small amount of ordinary ores, with a very low probability of producing ores containing energy).

Survival Points: 0

With the emergence of the information in his mind, the Refuge Center has been transformed from the technology standpoint to the Mystic standpoint.

The result of this transformation has its pros and cons for Dong Tianyu.

The most direct downside is that the four layers which he had spent a fortune to construct have simply disappeared, but the lost space has become a feature of his Cave Mansion.

Though it seems like his living space has reduced, the time-stopping property greatly extends the storage limit of his survival supplies.

After converting his Cave Mansion from the technology standpoint to the Mystic standpoint, the second wave of electromagnetic pulses of the Catastrophe supposed to happen became irrelevant to Dong Tianyu.

All the supplies stored in the lower layers have been relocated into the Shadow Space, packing it full. In fact, there are still some supplies left inside the Cave Mansion.

Although it seemed as if a few floors of space disappeared instantly, in reality, there wasn't much reduction in storage space.

Because each floor was piled to about 5 meters high, even though it seemed full, due to the walkways left open, no floor was using more than half of the total space. However, the Shadow Space has a usage rate of 100%, which is why the current situation happened.

For the items that the Shadow Space could not fit, Dong Tianyu resolved it with a simple solution. With a single thought, those items inside the Cave Mansion disappeared instantly.

As the owner, Dong Tianyu had full control of the Cave Mansion once the conversion completed.

Just now, the supplies that disappeared were in fact absorbed into the Cave Mansion's initial ability: Primary Absorption, using the items that didn't fit the Shadow Space as nutrients to nurture the Cave Mansion.

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