7 Almost time

Currently the second week of my exams imma just explain how my school does it

First week is the first part of exams

2nd week is the reviewing part of the exam if you didn't pass your first week

3rd week is the second part for the exams where you can re-take the exams you didn't pass or fail

We do 2 subjects each day on the first week I was able to pass 7 of those subjects so I'm gonna start writing early and I have some questions for you guys as well as some answers for other past questions

1st question

Do you want Jesus to play a role early on this story or would you prefer something later on

1st answer

His system is more of a quest system no sentience no AI no OP rewards if his body or mind can't handle it, and once he finished every quest and mission from the specific world he's in he will travel to a different one.

2nd question

Do you want him to go to Jojo at some point in the story?

2nd answer

No he won't get any mind control abilities since that stuff seems to forced

Final question

Do you want him to go more on the Anti-hero side or Hero side

Final Answer

Yes his 'Stand' ability will be able to summon storms at some point later on the story