78 Chapter 52 Rubik's Cube_3

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Furthermore, she had observed for herself and realized how complex this labyrinth really was.

Given the current situation, if it were up to them, they wouldn't have any idea of how to proceed either.

Tracy Garcia, clearly anxious, cried out, "But..."

After being together for three days, they had come to understand each other somewhat. Leonard Churchill knew that this spirit communicator was not hostile, though the aimless running around, like a headless fly, increasingly frustrated her.

After all, any ordinary person exhaustively wandering around the labyrinth for three days without finding anything would've given in to despair by now.

She had been doing quite well, given the circumstances.

Upon thinking about it, Leonard Churchill gave a small update, "The puzzle is almost solved. If everything goes as planned, we should be able to solve the labyrinth in a few more rounds."

Camilla nodded and replied, "Hmm."



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