CASSANDRA: The Unfavored Princess Book

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CASSANDRA: The Unfavored Princess


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In a land filled with magic, she was born without any visible powers. A princess, more pitiful than the slaves. Even if, in the eyes of others, she was a princess just in the name, Cassandra knew she was special. Amid all the power struggle, she had only survived by being docile, but when her gaze collided with his, her world turned upside down. For once, she wanted to live. Cassandra wanted to break free and experience new possibilities the world had to offer. But how far can an unfavorable princess go? What will be the cost of rebellion? Follow Cassandra as she uncovers her true self and turns herself from an unfavored princess to the Empress of people. -------------- Check out my new book "Alluring Death" for WSA 2023. [Add the book in your library if you liked the story] Note: This is an original story by IrisSky and not a translation :) Instagram- irissky_author


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