16 Private Chat

Cassandra was scared.

She looked back and saw the man in everyone's thoughts, standing behind her. But he was not alone. There was a known face as well.

'Who was it again?' Cassandra thought. She was sure that she had seen this man before.

It was at the banquet.'

'What was his name again?'

Cassandra was thinking hard when many sounds swirled through her mind.

[What is Lord Achard Bentham doing here?

[Do Lord Bentham and Duke Salvador know each other?]

[Two handsome men in the frame.]

[Why are they standing near the fifth princess?]

Cassandra's eyes widened and she realized the man was Lord Bentham. The one she met in the banquet hall, which ultimately caused her dress to be spoiled.

Cassandra's eyes went around to see if there were any princesses there in the garden, but she could not see one. When her head was focused on observing other's thoughts. Cassandra had ignored the fact that once the princess was done with questioning, they were allowed to go back to the rooms.

Only Cassandra remained along with some maids.

' The maids even know the Lord's name. And here I am still trying to figure out who is who.'

Cassandra was a very private person. As no one else likes to communicate with her due to her disability towards an element, she was mostly ignored. Maybe that was why she never talked with others. She had no source of information apart from Amy and her hidden ability.

Cassandra does want to be friendly with others. She wanted to be companions who played around, smiling and being happy, but she could not. She was alone in this whole wild world, ready to be slandered like an animal.

Duke Salvador saw Cassandra deep in thoughts as he followed her gaze.

"Only the fifth princess is remaining to be questioned?" Duke Salvador asked his aid. Once getting a positive response, Aidan said "I'm done with the ladies-in-waiting. I will ask the fifth princess some questions?"

Aiden looked at Cassandra as he continued. "I hope you cooperate."

Cassandra could feel the pressure in the Duke's voice. She nodded her head subconsciously as her eyes moved towards the floor.

Cassandra had no idea what rumors would spread in the palace.

'What if people say that she was the one who Duke Salvador was interested in? What would she do then? What would the empress do if she knew about it?' Many such questions were surging around Cassandra's mind.

The dilemma by the fifth Princess body was sensed by Lord Bentham. He smiled as it took a step forward. "I hope the Duke won't mind adding me into his plans. I'll also learn the way you interrogate people."

Lord Bentham's voice was soft as he kept a smile on his face but the Duke's face was the opposite. His eyes turned dark red as his hands formed the fist.

Aiden wanted to refuse the request, but he could hear the murmur in his surroundings. The maids were observing them with narrow eyes, and soon they might even tell the respective masters. Duke Salvador understood that it was not fitting to be alone with Cassandra.

Aiden wanted to ask a few things to Cassandra, he could not deny Lord Bentham's request. Having no other choice left Aiden nodded his head in agreement.

Duke Salvador's aid excuse himself as he gave space to his master. Duke Salvador's eyes turned soft when he saw Cassandra's hands rubbing on each other. She was nervous which brought a smile to his face.

There were times when Aiden wished he could have a little private chat with Cassandra but he knew the lady would not accept that.

'Maybe if I could sneak into her room again?' Aiden thought as a smirk formed on his face.

Duke Salvador looked around the garden as he saw that all the maids had been removed. But there was a Lord Bentham that restricted his speech.

Duke Salvador looked at Lord Bentham as he said in his sarcastic way. "Should we start with your learning session then?"

Lord Bentham chuckled as he could feel the air pressure around him increasing. He nodded his head in agreement. "Let's do it."


Duke Salvador sat in front of Cassandra as his gaze fixed on her.

"Where were you at the night of the fire?" Aiden's voice was low as his tone was sharp.

Cassandra swallowed hard as she fiddled with her hands. "I was in my own room, sleeping."

Duke Salvador looked into Cassandra's eyes with a smile. "Who can give a shred of confirmation?"

Cassandra knew that no one wandered around her room. And now that Duke Salvador had already taken Amy's interrogation, he might be aware of the situation.

At that time Cassandra knew what a mistake she had made.

'I was so engrossed by the Empress's thoughts that I forgot to listen to Amy's thoughts.'

'What did Amy tell the Duke?'

Cassandra wanted to slap her forehead hard. She could not believe she could be so foolish.

'And Amy is also not here.'

Cassandra took a deep breath to control her racing heart. "No one, I usually stay alone in my room with my lady-in-waiting."

Duke Salvador nodded his head as he looked at Lord Bentham, who was staring at Cassandra with wide eyes.

Aiden did not know what his friend was thinking, but Cassandra could hear it clearly. Her heart turned upside down when she thought about the possibility of Lord Bentham's thoughts coming true.

[There is something in her heart that I cannot have a grasp of.]

[Should I have a private talk with her?]

[Will the empress allow it? Or should I take the permission of the Emperor?]

[The princess does look pretty, but why do I feel a slight flow of element from her?]

[Isn't she powerless?]

[No this can't be. She should have some power.]

Cassandra's heartbeat increased, causing her breathing to hitch. She swallowed hard as she looked at Lord Bentham nervously.

Duke Salvador saw the two looking at each other as his fingers formed the fist. Duke Aiden did not know what he was feeling, but he was sure that the scene in front of his eyes was not what he wanted to see.

"Do you have something to ask the princess?" Dukes Salvador asked Lord Bentham as his eyes turned dark red, tinted with an unknown emotion.

Lord Bentham looked at Aiden as he saw the murderous side of his friend, who was trying to come out. His curiosity was much stronger than his survival instincts.

Lord Bentham nodded as he looked at Cassandra with a smile. "Does the fifth princess have any power in her?"

Cassandra's heart stopped for a moment. She shook her head in denial. Her throat went dry as she was struggling to say words.

Cassandra did not know why, but looking at Lord Bentham, she always felt that he was the person who knew all the truth. He was someone who can distinguish a lie from the truth.

Cassandra knew that her thoughts were not valid. If the person did have such powers then she would be the one who would know it first, as people cannot stop thinking.

Cassandra did not know why she was hypnotized looking at Lord Bentham's eyes, and the man was telling her to tell the truth. Cassandra struggled, but she managed to say. "No, I do not."

Lord Bentham looked at Cassandra's changing emotions but did not expose her. He felt that she was struggling hard with the fact that she was powerless. It was as though he knew that the princess had gone through a lot of trouble to be where she is now and she did not want to have the past experience overshadow her present.

Lord Bentham nodded as he looked at Duke Salvador. "I do not have any more questions. But I want to know more about the fifth princess."

Cassandra's eyes widened as she looked at Lord Bentham with a trembling heart. She wanted to live like a mute person so why was everyone coming towards her.

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