124 Mesmerized

The Emperor's eyes sharpened. 

"No." The Emperor's words were filled with confidence and authority. He did not want to listen to Princess Valeria. There was no need to listen to her but the first Princess did not know where to stop.

"Why not?" Princess Valeria demanded. "He is a powerful mage and will keep me safe."

"He is not only a mage, Valeria. He is the Duke of our Empire. I cannot send him alone with you on vacation." The Emperor was losing his patience. He knew that Princess Valeria was an intelligent lady who knew how to control a situation and yet she was here creating more problems for him.

"But .."

"Princess Valeria." The Emperor widened his eyes as his tone became arrogant. Princess Valeria stopped in her steps as soon as she heard those words. Her mind was a mess. Although Princess Valeria wanted to fight she could not say anything to the Emperor.

'I need to keep calm.'

'He is the Emperor.'


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